Oracle Alexandria

Does anyone have any experience with an Oracle Alexandria table? I see one for sale but have never heard any reports on it. Would this be a table you would buy? It is in excellent condition with arm included. Thanks for your help.
absolutely. on a par with the best vintage tables...a classic.
I owned this table about ten years ago, and it wasn't new then. What generation is the Alexandria?

It's a good table, and pretty reliable. I sold it to get a Sota Sapphire, and liked the Sapphire better. I don't know what the price difference would be between a used Alexandria and a used Sapphire, but both would be good entry level tables for someone who is going from an average table, to something better.

The record clamp from the Alexandria will leave a mark.
I have the Alex III with Rega300 arm. Sounds good and very reliable. The setting up of the suspension can be a little tricky.
Bob P.