Opinions the Krell Evo 505 cd player

Just curious if anyone wanted to put in any info or opinions on Evo 505 cd/sacd player in cast or balanced besides the reviews. Staying in the current domain in cast and not having to switch to voltage sounds like a good idea but does it play out in over all sound quality.
I, too, would welcome answers to the questions posed by Heykay. Further, I wonder how the Krell sounds (with or without Cast) when compared to the dCs one box Puccini.
Krell evo 505 is superb in cast, less so when run balanced out. Even less so when run single ended. So, if you can run cast into another Evo component it's worth the trouble, otherwise it's only so so.
My current front end setup is a Goldmund Mimesis 39 transport into a Audio Horizons Dac 3.0n into a Krell Evo 202 preamp.
Kusina the dCS Puccini is better than 505 (even cast connected) and have futureproof qualities and upgrade path, of course in Europe the choice is obvious for dCS but I can understand the different pricing in the states.
I have heard the Evo 505 on Magicos 3 + preamp & monos Krell with the most expensive cables from Mit ...

not convincing at all ... ( I like the magicos)

compared to the (newest) Wadia single box which was also connected to the system:
more details, but very dry sound
Wadia a lot more musical

Furthermore I have heard EMM Lab, Esoteric, Audio research .... at the end I bought the Puccini