New XRCD's get'em QUICK


sorry for the 'alarmist' title - but this is important. You look at my past and you'll see that I only get excited about once every 3 years.

I read Harry Pearson's article in the current Absolute Sound about 3 new XRCD's. The gist of his article was that in the past, they sucked, but now they have a new recording engineer, and his new XRCD's are Incredible. But then he continues that it is a great shame that the label was going out of print (??). And then, only because 2 of them (Holst "The Planets" and the Carmen Fantasie for Violin) were music I really liked, and that I agreed with him that all of the XRCD's I had bought in the past were severely disappointing, did I buy the same two.
I put in the Carmen first and literally, the 1st words out of my mouth were Holy S***. And it was recorded in 1959 ! (BTW, I have SACD capability with many of the remastered Sony recordings AND Living Presence AND Living Voice and none of them compete with these XRCDs). Then I played the Holst (1971) and it was also awesome. I did not buy the other one. (side note, I have 7 versions of the Planets and one of the Bizet).
Please, get these disks quick, listen to them, and if you agree we need to keep this new engineer in business. I don't want to "hype" any more - get the disks and see what you think. Perhaps we can write JVC and tell them to get back in the game if it is true that the XRCD's are going away.
Lastly, and I have been trying to keep this realistic - I thought I was listening to a different system when I heard these disks...

can you give the exact names of each of the albums including the one you didnt buy? thanks
I don't remember the third off hand, but the other two are:

Holst: The Planets / Zubin Mehta, Los Angeles Philharmonic
Bizet/Sarasate, Saint-Saëns, etc / Ricci, Gamba, LSO
What kind of music are those cds? Classical?
With all due respect, I could not disagree more with the assessment that past XRCD's are not good. To name just two, Everybody Loves Bill Evans and The Reiner / Chicago performance of the Scheherazade, both are very dynamic and natural to my ears.

More generally, I have found the series as a whole, and whether in XRCD, XRCD2 or XRCD24 iterations, to be excellent and far superior to most CD's. I have no idea what you and HP are hearing (or not hearing).
I agree with Raquel. I bought 10 XRCDs in the last years, each one of them was outstanding, artistically and sound-wise, so I don´t really care what Mr. Pearson has to say about his disappointment in the past.
I have about three dozen XRCDs and with little exception are exceptionally good. Generally they have a very analog quality. The reolution especially on the 24 bit recordings is superior. I have few other CDs as clean sounding as the XRCDs.
Yeah - you're right - sorry, I was generalizing - I have not heard the majority of the XRCDs and the word "sucked" was perhaps misleading and overstated. I should have been more articulate, saying "of the great expectations held out for past XRCDs that may have fallen short, these particular ones hit the mark." Overall, I was trying to say mainly how great I thought these new ones were; I should not have concentrated on the old ones...
I'll say it again for those who are interested, the XRCD's are made with the JVC K2 mastering proccess and there is a line of K2 cd out there. Fantasy records is the company behind them, they're almost all jazz, though I recently picked up a live CCR disc called "The Concert", and they sound absolutely amazing. They are regular cd prices $13-17, rather than the $25-30 prices of XRCD's. Unfortunately I've never listened to an XRCD to compare, but I have a feeling they're pretty similar.
Would someone post links to where these XRCD and K2 titles may be purchased?
I read HPs article and I believe (although not completely clear) that he was referring to XRCD classical music titles. Having never heard one of these I can neither agree or disagree with his assessment of their sound quality. However, I own a large number of XRCD jazz titles and to me they sound pretty good!
Wellfed, I have purchased my XRCDs from MusicDirect on the Web. They have a huge selection. My K2 Cds have been purchased from Amazon or one of their "under seller". The prices are not discounted much at all.