New Klipsch Forte III Speakers

The New Klipsch Forte III $3800 a pair, were one of the best sounding speakers at the 2017 CES.

This is the same reviewer that listened to the all new Yamaha ns-5000's and other very high-end speakers too.

Another promising Klipsch design is "The Fifteens". 15 inch woofer with a (single) giant horn. Self-powered (180 watts) with a built-in DAC, bluetooth, USB input. Q3 release, $2999/pr.
BTW, Why such crappy CES coverage this year?
Here's a picture of the new Klipsch Fifteen speakers
I love the old school look and am curious as to how they sound. 

The Forte III is much needed for Klipsch.    I won't hesitate buying.   The Forte II was one of my favorite Klipsch products.  I didn't like the grills on the II version though as it made them look more  "cheapie".  So they are bringing back the more traditional "Heritage Look" with an updated Midrange.

Let me say....I'm happy with this Klipsch move.  I feel like they listened to their real fans and overlooked the business model a little for this one.   Thanks.

I want the damn things now.   Already got space setup and wired for them.
The Forte II was my favorite Klipsch speakers too, it was also Paul Klipsch's favorite Klipsch speakers too.