New Clarisys Audio Panel Loudspeakers : Best Panel Loudspeakers On The World Market ?!

You can buy these Clarisys Audio Speakers here in the USA and the Dealer here in Florida says they are a lot better than the Very High Priced Alsyvox Panel Loudspeakers ! WOW... 

These speakers are very addictive you can't stop listening to them they are that GOOD ! 🤩 They will be at the Florida Audio Expo 2023 Show this month if you want to go listen to them. They will be in the Suncoast Audio Rooms 1&2 and 915 



These Minuet Panel Speakers in the videos cost $33.800 a pair in the USA and everyone that has heard them in person say what is really shocking about these speakers is the Bass output.. they really blow your mind ! It is much better than any Subwoofer or Box speaker Bass output ! You hear Real Natural Bass output !

The Analysis Audio Epsilons retails for $18,000 per pair in the USA with a full factor warranty. Analysis has a stellar track record since 1990 and has factory support in the USA.

Look at Florian Wiegand comments in this You Tube Video below these speakers do Bass really GOOD ! 😲

 Jay Garrett is a Bass Player in a Rock Band and he listened to these Clarisys Audio Minuet speakers and here's his feedback on them !

Moving up to the $50K Clarisys Audio Studio Plus speakers USA gives you much better parts and sound quality. Florian Wiegand talks about this in the comments below, he’s the one that makes these speakers sound so great. He's taking Panel Speakers to an whole new level that Panel Speakers has never been before. They show the inside parts of the Clarisys Audio Minuet speakers here. Florian Wiegand is telling us about this here

The Studio Plus does sound much better

All the Audio Reviewers can’t wait to hear these all new Clarisys Audio speakers at the 2023 Florida Audio Expo Show in 10 days! We are going to get a lot feedback on these speakers soon ! 😎Concert in your living room 

Look at the Comments in this You Tube Video 😲

I bet these speakers would Really Sing matched with the Highly Raved Robert Koda Takumi K-15 EX Preamp and two Nextgen Goldmund Monoblock Amps and Top Of The Line Signal Projects Cables !😲

Cool Robert Koda is coming out with a new amp now, the Takumi K-160 amp ! I would match these Clarisys Audio Studio Plus speakers with this amp too !! 😲

Another good video here ! 😲WOW.....You get lost into the music and you can't stop listening to them... they are very addictive speakers Indeed !

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Rick....When are your Clarisy's being delivered?.... Would love to see pics and your thorough review......

Here’s the Clarisys Audio Auditorium Loudspeakers ! Though these Auditorium speakers are not made the same way as the ones coming to the USA. These speakers are made like Clarisys Audio Hall speakers that will be coming out in the future. I really want to hear the Hall speakers too when they come out

Here are the upcoming Hall speakers


Another Apogee knock off. Faults; They are very fragile. It is extremely easy to damage ribbons. The ribbons stretch with time and heavy use. They are too short. At midrange and high frequencies they function as line sources but switch to point source in the bass. This means that the bass falls off dramatically with distance.

As an owner of Apogee Divas for 6 years I can attest to ribbon speakers being very alluring. If you have children or pets you are asking for it, If you like to play your music loud you are asking for it. ESLs are taller, do not need crossovers and are essentially indestructible. The only down side is you have to be careful with your amplifier choice and subwoofers are mandatory for the best performance.

When I get a pair of these Panel speakers I think I’ll match them with Bladelius Audio ODEN Integrated amp it’s much cheaper than the other High-End Brands here in USA too and many say they are the very best gear money can buy right any price !

Bladelius Audio or better known as THRSHOLD in the USA back in the 80’s and 90's

I’m really shocked someone has not imported Bladelius back to the USA again !😲

I guess they will remain the BEST-KEPT SECRET !

Bladelius will ship these to you in the USA now though !

Good grief!

Either this guy is secretly a distributor or he needs to stay away from caffeine.

Perhaps both?

A lot of Apogee owners used THRSHOLD Amps and really loved them so much...Bladelius Audio could the "Perfect Match" for the new Clarisys Audio Panel Speakers too ??!🤔 I can't wait !🤔


Thank you for the kind words about the Clarisys speakers.   I hope you are able to attend the Florida International Audio Expo next week and hear not only the Minuet Neo’s in Room 915 with the new Hegel H30A/P30A, but the largest single panel Clarisys, the Auditorium Neo in the Florida 1/2 Room with both Block Audio Monos/Pre and VAC 452iQ/Master Pre as we will be demonstrating them both with solid state and tubes.


@mijostyn These ribbons are "Tensionable" so you can adjust the ribbons down the road when the ribbons start stretching so these Clarisys Audio Loudspeakers should be Worry-Free for Many Many Years to Come...Maybe a Lifetime !

Look at the Comments below in the Video here of Florian Wiegand, one of the designers of these new improved Loudspeakers.

I had the privilege of listening to these speakers at Suncoast several weeks ago.  They were very impressive.  The bass was astounding.  I could hear the bass without feeling the typtcal bass reverb.  It is hard to describe - full and lush and deep yet tight.  The imaging was fantastic as one would expect.  We played them with Pass Labs,  Hegel and Boulder amps.  You could hear the differences between amplifiers quite easily.  I was a bit shocked with the pricing coming from the Magnepan world.  I am excited to listen to other high end speakers at the show this week to compare them to help my pricing frame of reference.

@rick2000 , sorry but no. The ribbons can stretch beyond the ability of anyone to tension them. The ribbons are actually twice as long as you think. You pull the striations out then the ribbon starts to washboard. It is only a matter of time until your grandson kicks the woofer and puts a whopping dent in it, My nephew did that to a Diva. Or, your new cleaning lady takes a vacuum to them to clean the dust off and sucks a ribbon into oblivion. Ribbon speaker are way too fragile for that kind of money. Once the company is gone they will not be repairable. A Sound Labs on the other hand can be kicked, vacuumed , tensioned with a heat gun, banged on and no damage will occur. They will last 10 lifetimes if not more. You have to run them through with a spear to hurt them. The other benefit is the Sound Labs are true one-way loudspeakers there is no crossover, there are no abrupt phase changes consequently the imaging is superior. As they go from floor to ceiling, Sound Labs are true full range line sources.  

The other problem for these speakers is Magnepan. The 20.7 is an excellent, reliable speaker from a well established company at a far better price.  The tweeter is on the fragile side but Magnepan has an excellent tweeter exchange program. The tweeter is the only true ribbon in the 20.7. It is the most reliable ribbon made as the ribbon is supported along it's entire 6 foot length. But still, a high frequency accident or a vacuum cleaner will take it out.

I am sure the Clarisys are excellent sounding speakers, so weren't the Divas. Having had that experience I would suggest that everyone look elsewhere.  

@mijostyn These are not your "Grandfather's Apogee Loudspeakers Anymore" they have fixed all the problem areas that Apogee Loudspeakers had in the past and made them much better now. These are on a whole other level than your old Apogee Loudspeakers with all it's problems it had. You should be glad someone is bringing an much better Apogee Loudspeakers that will be worry-free back on the market again...

Rick, Don't forget to audition the very well respected Analysis Audio planar-ribbon speakers. They are truly innovative and have unique features not found on any other panel speaker like a true suspension around the bass panel and 3-dimensional MT ribbons that can never sag. Furthermore they are serviceable in the USA if you somehow damage one. For the same money you can move up to the largest model. 

@rick2000 . Sorry, Ribbons are ribbons. Aluminum foil is fragile, even laminated to kapton. There is absolutely nothing new in the technology. I have used Decca ribbon tweeters, Apogees and Magneplanars. I can destroy any of them including these in approximately 30 seconds. I can not do that to a Sound Labs and many other great loudspeakers. Ribbons can be useful as tweeters anything else and you are asking for it. This company will go under just like all the rest which is what makes Magnepan special. By keeping the price down and avoiding ribbons in the midrange and bass they built a very reliable speaker at a reasonable price. Even so they had to institute a tweeter replacement program. They are the toughest ribbons made but I can still destroy one in 30 seconds. 

The Minuet Loudspeakers at the Dutch Audio Show are not as good as the Minuet Loudspeakers that are coming to the USA ! They use a lot better magnets and sounds much better !



The all new $33.800 Minuet Loudspeakers Just Might be the Biggest Bargain that has ever come on the World Market !.. 🤔 😈


The Minuet Loudspeakers was picked as one of 4 Best Speakers at the Florida Audio Expo 2023 Show by Audio Reviewers ! The Minuets was by far the cheapest Speakers picked here ! And they had these Minuets in a small room too!!

Now we can say these Clarisys Audio Minuet Speakers are One of the Best Speakers in the World and they are By Far the Cheapest too... Perfect 🤔

Don’t say best until you have heard them all, with the same equipment in the same room. You have completely discredited yourself.

I really want to hear the bigger $50K Clarisys Audio Studio Plus Loudspeakers I hope they bring them to the Axpona 2023 Show

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Clarisys Audio Loudspeakers will be at the Axpona Show 2023 in rooms 352 and 675 



Clarisys will be at AXPONA 2023 in rooms 352 (Shunyata) and 676 (Hegel), the original post on the AudioShark site has been corrected.

I am of the opinion that YouTube videos can never convey what any system sounds like simply because unlike being in the actual room with the system we are hearing the sound of the system in the room plus the sound of the recording chain plus the sound of the replay chain.

I just listened to a few minutes of this. I have the original UK pressing of the Joan Armatrading recording. If the replay I get sounded like the replay I get(with the above disclaimer), I’d slit my wrists.

Even if the sound of that system in that room slaughtered my system, the sound of that video would never do justice to anything. These youtube videos only prove how useless yourube videos are in assessing anything