New Audioquest cables equivalent to Audioquest to the old ones

My question what cables from the new line of Audioquest cables are comparable to dragon, sterling speaker cables, and diamond interconnect. Right now I have the Yukon ic which I really like.
i find the entire aq line very confusing which is why I havent purchased them. 
I agree I got lost as well, they have too many new models came out....
No Audioquest cables are comparable to the more recent offerings with the DBS feature.  My entire system is wired with AQ cables.  All of my interconnects are DBS enabled.  My speaker cables are not.  DBS is such a game changer, I wish I could afford DBS speaker cables.  Also the recent designs are using FEP (teflon) tubes as the dielectric.  A big step toward ultimate neutrality.

I think the latest AQ interconnects using silver are superb. Wind and up the line from there. I'm sure the copper versions are good too. Best to just give them a try. 

I agree their silver are good...