New amp

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yes. I agree completely
Could not have said it better myself ;-)
Absolutely, positively YES!!!
New amp maybe, but preamp?
Oh stop your patronizing.
Everyone knows it's preamp first, new amp second.
Uh...never mind. Sorry. It's Puppet Show second.
Sorry about this post, did not intend to post.

Let me conclude, preamp, amp, speakers. Good day
I cannot entirely disagree.
That that is is that that is not is not but that that is not is not that that is and that that is is not that that is not.
I'm now on the fence regarding this issue...and about to go over the fence and get the hell outta here.
It's amazing how much can be learned by clicking on random posts, esp for newbies..Thanks for clearing that up
Congratulations! Please follow up with a review when you get a source.
"You don't say"?
Don't forget the postamp, critical to proper function.
Winner: Chayro
Let it break in first then report back!
Sounds like you got a lemon.Return it for full refund.
Sounds like a bad tube.
No! Power cords.