need help -- budget system for a friend....

Your mission:

Recommend bookshelf speakers, integrated, and cd player that can be procured for $1000 total.

My buddy has diverse tastes -- lots of soul, blues, african music -- all acoustic.

New is preferable, but used would be fine if they were easily available pieces.

I'd definitely look at used, but preferably somewhere reputable like Audiogon.

My first instinct is to spend half of that budget on the best condition speaker you can find from B&W, NHT, or Quad. Then spend the rest on older Rega (think original Planet) or Rotel components.
Try Shanling MC-30 ($650 >750 used)integrated tube amp with build in CD player and Omega speakers ($450 > $750 used for smaller monitors)
or Consonance Cyber 10 tube integrated $600 and Oppo universal player $100.
I nominate the NAD entry-level matching set:

C-515BEE CD player at $299 and
C-315BEE integrated amp at $349.

The latest issue of TAS has a very favorable review for this pair of NAD components.

Add the AV123 ELT525M minimonitor at $299 and you're there.

Alternate speakers could be the PSB Alpha LR1 at $199/pair, or if he's willing to go just a little over budget, the PSB Image 15 speakers at $379/pair.

The PSB Image series are uncommonly refined and smooth for their price. Very linear from the lower midrange throughout the treble.

Get a 1-meter pair of these interconnects and these or these speaker cables.