Need advice! Not sure the value of cable I have here!

I bought a home with a VERY High end Theater a while back. We decided to renovate and I found the XLR interconnect wires ran were 10 meter XLR cables. They looked and felt kind expensive so I hit the internet to find more info. After some additional investigating I believe I have Stealth Audio PGS-08, as the date lines up with the year of the Speakers (2004 Tannoy Ellipse). I am not sure what to do with these. I want to sell but not sure of the value on the re-seller market. How much gold is in these per 10m length? What can I expect to get for a pair? Condition isnt perfect. They were ran across a basement so there is some discoloration, but they do work well.

Any info/advice would be much appreciated. I plan to sell but do not want to insult anyone with a high price.

Many Thanks!

Google it.
Well, google led me here where there is a marketplace for high end cabling and components. I spent a lot of time trying to get an educated price before posting them for sale with no luck (or help) so far.
Really, that took me less than a minute.
Yeah I saw that too thanks. So based on that, what do you think a 10m pair is worth? 3k? 4k?
You may not be able to simply extrapolate the price out based upon what the 2 meter is selling for, you may have to consider how much of a market there is for 10 meter xlr
facten is correct. Stealth cables have a following, however, they have been criticized for being too expensive verses performance received.  I would auction them on this site or eBay with a low starting price of a few hundred with no reserve and let the market set the price. Also, do some research on long runs of balanced cable, see what people are paying. Maybe someone would want them to cut and re-terminate to shorter lengths.
Thanks guys. Thats good advice on the auction to see where the market is. I would hope they would fetch at least what a 2m would.

I have to think There's someone looking to relocate a preamp to another room or closet and keep their expensive speaker cables next to their amp. Not many I assume. 

I was also wondering about the value of the materials of the gold in the cables too, given the length, and wondering if It would make fiscal sense to scrap them instead for the precious metal. I really dont know how much is used for signal vs other materials in there though.

Thanks for the help. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
The first thing I would mention is most cables, the additional per meter length is usually much less than the ’first’ meter. So a cable which sells for $1000 for a meter pair, may only add $300 additional for addition meter(s) From the Stealth audio site the added cost for the current 16 is additional $560 per meter with a first meter cost of $1,700/1,800
For example my 7 meter Kimber KS1116 pair retail cost about $3000. even though the FIRST meter cost is about $900. "If" all the additional meters cost $900 my cable might be $6,300 dollars. but it is NOT.
I am certain yours is the same way, Though the extra meters additional cost may vary from my example, it is TRUE for nearly all cables.

So what I am saying is right off the cable did NOT cost $10,000 new. It was more like $1,000 plus 9 more times say $400. Equals $4,600 retail new.

eBay is not the best way to get full value. If you just want to dump them fast. Then eBay is the way to go.
However you certainly will not get the full value. Mainlybcause the market for a TEN METER pair is tiny.

Second, are you guessing as to the actual cable model?
Now if the cable has a name and model on the jacket.. Then you can be clear.. (the current cables have clear and lots of markings, so I would think your do too.)
If all you are doing is guessing at the make due to photos..
I have to say claiming they ARE that cable is pretty iffy and questionable. IMO you have to explain the provenance is unknown!
It is true that they may be the cable you think they are..But they my not, or may even be fakes?
So as long as you mention they HAVE NO Provenance.. IE they are unknown where and when bought.

Anyway a reasonable price is usually 50% of retail for any used cable if like new. Anywhere for 35% to 25% if they are a bit scruffy.
A set of cables 10 meters long is going to have a VERY tiny audience of interested buyers anyway. I woud set a higher price and list them here start at 50% of new which would be around $2,300.
They may not sell for months. Each month lower the price 10%
Sooner or later they will sell at a fair price.

Added: the actual value of the gold is going to be small, based on the retail additional per meter of current cable they market. At $560 retail additional meter pair.. I would speculate each current meter has maybe $50 at MOST worth of actual pure gold in each meter pair length. And it could easily be less. Not much chance it could be more, from a standard manufacturing cost/retail cost analysis..
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Elizabeth, welcome back!

Thanks islandmandan, glad to be back.
Thanks Elizabeth, for the comprehensive response. The The cables are marked with the MFG  rubber tag, although no model on them (braided jacket). The guy that bought them spared no expense when building this theater, so I am very confident they are authentic. The speakers alone were around $60k, Crestron control, 100" Plasma, etc...

Based on the speculative $50 per meter of gold you mentioned, that would at least make them worth 1k per pair in raw gold so that's good news. 

I am going to let them sit on ebay and see what happens. Might list here too. 

Welcome back Elizabeth!

Just to mention I wrote $50 at most per meter PAIR. So you $1000 just became $500 due to an error in reading.
One huge problem with any notion to 'find out' the actual gold content would mean you would have to destroy the cable to just figure out the gold percentage in the wire. (unless the company would tell you and I very much doubt they would admit it) And The $50 is a very optimistic figure..
Cable makers are notorious for the cost vs retail being a very high ratio.$50 to $500 is a guess as to the entire cost of making the cable
Not trying to crush your hopes of becoming rich.. But.
No one is going to stuff a very expensive commodity into a product and not charge the going multiple to retail for it.

Plenty of companies have a 0.01% quantity of a material or even less and proclaim that element as the main 'feature'.

$50/M x 10M is $500