my preamp wont power up

Hi my pre has been unplugged for month.It now wont power up.The fuses are ok,i do live in a area with hi humidity. Any suggestions would be good thanks.
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More info would be helpful. What make/model of preamp?
Make sure you have power at the AC outlet. Sometimes those outlets are on a switched circuit. If so, flip the switch.

Also, if it has a detachable power cable, make sure it's plugged all the way in.
Thanks,we have power.Im wondering if its the micro proceesor.The pre is a ar reference 5
Can you look inside and see if the tubes are lighting up, or is the unit absolutely dead? I'm pretty sure you can turn the screen off.

You can turn the screen off on the Ref 5. But there is still a green dot lit in the center. The screen default is on.

If it worked when it was unplugged, my guess it is something simple. Unless you kept it in a bathroom I doubt the humidity is the cause. Is the power cord pushed in all the way? Are all the tubes seated properly? Is the 6550 in the power supply lit up? Do any of the tubes light up? What exactly does it do and not do?
Hi,theres nothing at all.the plug is all the way in,the tubes are seated properly,nothing on the screen.I may have to get a specialist onto it.
Try a different power cable?
Yep done that,and a different wall plug.
Looking back,on amps and pre amps,a few people have had a bit of a issue with the power side of things.It looks like a specialist will be able to fix it easy enough.Just a inconvienience
Any power transformer sound?

There was a problem with the power supplies on some preamps and soured components. They used 2 6h30s in the power supply which not always aged at the same rate. This could affect the sound. So ARC offered an upgrade to replaced the 2 6h30 tubes with a single 5771. I know my CD7 was upgraded this way. I don't believe the Ref 5 had this problem Though.

I still think it is something simple. I would try moving the preamp to another room and use a different power cord. Just to see what happens. If that fails I would call Kal at ARC. If you bought it from a dealer you could have him take a look at it.
Thanks,no transformer sound i can hear.Yes a techy will do it.looking at those other posts, maybe a cap in the power supply.I had changed to a tungsol black plate which i prefer,i wonder if that brought this on.
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I think you're confusing ARC with BMW.
Zd, So I shall say 'turkey' perhaps :)
I like my se,im not giving up on it yet.ive had it for a couple of years.One power tube went down,now this,i hope its all good from here
As far as I know most of preamps don't use power tubes...
If the tube preamp has a tube rectified power supply, then indeed there are tubes in the power section. ARC has used 6L6, 6550, 5AR4, and a few others in their preamps.

The ARC REF5 uses a 6550.
It's a fuse you didn't see somewhere, the circuit is no longer a circuit.
There should be internal power supply fuse than. Also rectifier tube has to be inspected again.
It seems that tubes in ARC last substantially shorter vs. other tube amps/preamps.
Yes,ive tried different tubes.there is a external and internal fuse,theyre ok.Unless there is another one somewhere
Check to see if the line has a ground fault protection duplex on it. Could be in the kitchen or bathroom.
There's a chance it tripped and should be reset.
Good suggestion,i tried it at my neighbors house,still dead as a dodo
Switch failure? Had that happen to an old Marantz rcvr.
Ill take it in tomorrow,hopefully someone can look at it,thankyou
It sure is.I took it in,and a tech had a look.Theres power going in to around the 4 tube area,then nothing.He didnt want to touch it as he was a sony speacialist and wouldnt have the parts.Ill take it back to australia with me in a week and give it to a audio research service specialist.
Have you tried actubepuncture?