Muffled vocals

I have positioned my speakers every way imaginable and I just can't get the vocals the way I want. They're centered, but they seem like they're in the background.  I want them more up front.  I've tried various toeing methods and room treatment but they still seem a little muffled.  My equipment: Lyngdorf TDAI-2200 integrated, Marantz CD6006, Tyler Acoustics D-20, Anti-Cables, Audioquest digital cable.  I know the recording can have a lot to do with it, but Steely Dan's Aja is known for the recording quality and Donald Fagen is in the back.  My terminology no doubt betrays my lack of sophistication when it come to audio, but I know something's not right.  Any suggestions?
Seems like you are using the Marantz as a transport. Try the analog outputs of the cd player into the amp to try and hear any change. The report on the cd player indicated it had a decent midrange, as they tested it using the analog outs.
Try to listen different speakers,
All connections are correct.  I just listened to Bitches Brew, Kind of Blue, and ended with Double Violin Concerto. They all sounded great.  Better than the 1.7s I replaced. Put on Lucinda Williams and the instruments were clear but she was in the back, unlike the 1.7s which made vocals sound like they were coming from a giant.  Since I don't listen to vocals that much I guess I'll just have to put up with the annoyance, but I am going to look into a better player.  Suggestions?  Keeping in mind I don't have Elizabeth's money.  Thanks again.

Have you tried the lyngdorf's room correction features? 


Here is a question since the Lyngdorf does room corrections might something be set in a way that's pushing the vocals back? And is the Marantz connected to the Lyngdorf's digital or analog inputs?