Mcintosh Ma6600. Click or Pop when first powering up.

Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, hope I fit in.....🤐
Little back ground first, been running a wonderful 36 year old Mcintosh MA 6200 for about 4 years. 
As I'm sure most know this intergraded well. It's been a joy to live with. 
Got the itch for something newer and a little more power. Based on favourable reviews on several
sites I decided on the Ma6600. I was lucky to find a clean used unit at a dealer less then 2 hours 
from home. This unit left Mcintosh in 2011 and the Firmware is 2.52. 
I've had the unit about 2 weeks now. Just love the way it sounds, when I auditioned the 6600 the
dealer a/b the Ma5300. Found the 5300 had more detail but lacked the warmth of the 6600. 
We both agreed the 6600 was closer the the sound I'm used to with the Ma6200. 
Anyway my question is what are others hearing when they first turn their unit on. 
I hear Click or slight Pop through my speakers. I've tried turning volume right down before turning it off. 
Even turned off output to speakers, still hear it. I wasn't aware of it making this Clink when I first got the
amp but maybe it was there. Haven't bothered to call Mcintosh Tec support yet but just thought I would
see what other owners are experiencing. Thanks Guys....

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Sounds like a relay. Probably part of turn-on protection so your speakers don't get the low-frequency cone excursion they otherwise would. If you hear a click from inside the amp at about the same time you hear it from the speaker that would pretty much nail it. You'd have to call a tech to try and figure out if this is all normal (probably) or indicates maybe time to clean or replace.
I own a McIntosh MA6600 and have it powering a pair Of GE Triton Ones.  The only sound I get while turning it on is a click from the relay and then the sound ramps up from low to where the volume was last set.  I get no clicks, pops, burps or farts from the integrated.
Ok, thanks guys, I'll call Mcintosh on Monday. 
Its puzzing, once the unit is on for a few minutes I can switch it on and off and
all you hear is the relay in the amp. Just when she is cold I hear that slight click from the speakers. Trying hard not to second guess my purchase. 😬
Keep you posted when I know more. 

Just a footnote, this morning before I powered her up I removed the 6' heavy
guage extension cord and went direct into wall socket. The good news is the 
click I was hearing has been reduced by 80-90%. I'll still contact Mcintosh and
ask why my Ma6200 doesn't make a peep at start up but this monster does. 
Maybe it's the nature of the beast. I just want to make sure this isn't the start 
of something bigger to come. Stay tuned🤔