Martin Logan Motion 15

Just took home a pair of ml motion15 sound is not coming out and away from speaker. Sound like they are holding back. Restrained for lack of a better word. Any comments? Anybody like these do they need long break in. Which I don't believe in maybe an hour or so to loosen the woofer up. Any owners out there that are happy with these
An hour break-in? I've had speakers that keep sounding better for the first six months.

Just about any elastomer that operates by flexing and then returning to its original state--athletic shoes, shock absorbers, tires, bungee cords, vibration control components--requires a break-in period. Why would speaker surrounds--whose operation is far more delicaate and requires much greater accuracy--be exempt from this principle?

Give'em time. Lots of time. Martin Logan recommends a minimum 72 hours break in for their Motion loudspeakers, and this review mentions that the sound continued to improve for some time after that.

In fact, search around the Web for Motion reviews and the need for extended break-in is mentioned consistently.