Manley Steelhead - using the VARIable output

I am currently using the FIXED output on my Steelhead, running into an integrated amp (Ayre AX-7e) as a phono-pre only.

I want to try the VARIable output so I can use the SUM (mono) switch for my mono recordings.

Can I run the VARIable output into an integrated amp? This may be obvious but I am not that technical to understand if this could cause damage or will just flat out not work.

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It will work,provided you don't overload the input of the integrated.Check the integrateds' overload spec and listen for distortion.I would keep the volume attenuator very low.This is akin to driving a preamp into an integrated,actually this is what you are doing.
What you would probably want to do is try it 2 ways. One w the attenuator wide open (or actually at unity gain if you can tell what that is) on the Manley and use the Ayre to control volume; and then vice versa. Use the method that sounds best.