Looking for Room-Setup Consultant in D.C.

Echo...echo...echo. It's a neat effect in the Grand Canyon, but not in a new listening room!

I'm looking for a consultant who can help with room setup and treatments for a dedicated listening room in D.C. It's in a 120-year old row house, so the layout is a bit challenging, to say the least. And that's why I need some expert assistance--either a consultant in the local area or one who can visit for a day or two.

Had any good experiences? Bad ones? Or know of anyone who might fit the bill? Any recommendations would be much appreciated.
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Not cheap, but probably one of the better options:



Their products are incredibly good value, and effective, smart friendly people.


Talk to Mark Schneider at Urban HiFi in Takoma Park. He lives in DC and has been known to make house calls. Mark and I are both members of the D.C. HiFi group. You might want to go the our Facebook page and join up.