Looking for information on my Perspective speakers

Hi all.  I have a pair of Perspective speakers purchased in Switzerland in 1988.  They have been in storage for 30 years or so and just getting them back into use.  But I would like to find some data on them - originals lost.  They are true studio monitors using 2 back-to-back Davis 12 inch woofers, a Davis midrange and Scan-Speak tweeters.  They are intended for tri-wiring with nine input ports for banana plugs at the rear.  Made by Image et Sons but this firm seems to have migrated away from speakers to studio work.  Can anyone out there help me with any info and especially how to manage the tri-wire setup?  Fingers crossed here!


Probably T/M/W is top to bottom.

One could use a 1,5V battery and see which drivers shift when it is applied to the pairs if inputs.
Or maybe even tones or sweeps playing and hooking up a single amp to the wires.

The 9 ports is confusing, I would have expected it like Noah’s ark with 2x2 pairs for T, MR, W… but maybe they also supply a ground?

Do you have a “Digital Multi Meter” (DMM)? On should be able to use ohms/impedance to determine the wire connection idea.

Thanks for that holmz.  I've been working at the battery/DMM stuff and will try to distill the results to a simple story.  Maybe you can help me understand the matrix then!   Cheers

It is almost certainly the + is on the right hand side.
the DMM should read ~8 ohms from the left or middle to the right side.
If one of those left or middle shows 0 ohms to something like each other, or any metal, then those would be a ground..

or maybe it is possible that they are some servo type of signal? 
You basically have 3 combos on each row. From left to right you have bananas A, B, C. And from top down you have rows 1, 2 and 3.  fill out the table with ohms.:

  • A1/B1
  • A1/C1
  • B1/C1
  • A1/A2
  • B1/B2
  • C1/C2

we should be able work out the rest from there.