Looking for amp repair in Northern CA or Souther OR

Hi everyone,

I am looking for some advice on a repair shop for my McCormack DNA-125. I bought it here used, and it worked very well for a couple of months. However, the right channel started to go in and out. At first, I could jiggle the binding post and it would come back. After a while, though, the right channel stopped working. I want to have new binding posts installed and have the amp checked out. I live in Ashland, Oregon, but I do travel to the Bay Area (Concord) and to the Davis/Sacramento area frequently. I’d like to be able to drop it off since I don’t have a box or packing materials and the shipping would be somewhat expensive.

If you have any experience with a shop in anywhere from Medford, Oregon on down I-5 to Sacramento or over toward the East Bay, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations, and Happy 2016 to all!
Suggest you  talk to Steve McCormack (yep, that McCormack) or his technician, Chris at SMc Audio, 929 El Pajodo Pl, Vista, CA 92084 smcaudio.com (760) 732-0352.  Two of the most generous, nicest peopley you'll ever meet.  They may be able to provide a carton and do some cost-effective upgrades while it's on the bench.  If not, I'm sure they can recommend a good tech.  If you wait a bit, you may even get a response from Steve to your post. 
Check out Champlifier.com.The owner is a stand up guy. He worked on my DAC. The business is in Alameda which would be convenient for you.
I believe Scott Frankland (formerly of MFA) is located in San Jose.