Line Magnetic and the 845c?

Hello can the TNT 845C be used in the Line magnetic 518ia?
the bias recommendation for the amp is 70Ma.

What other factors need to be considered?

I understand the the metal plate has a lower dissipation rate compared to a stock 845 tube.

Maybe what I should ask is, does anything other than a bias adjustment need to be done to use these tubes?
You might want to contact Jonathan Halpern at Tone Imports or your dealer.
I emailed him a few days ago, no word yet, but thanks for the suggestion.
To answer my own question for others information,

the tubes work perfectly, no red plating and the sound is un believable!! the stock tubes wouldn't play very loud without losing detail,

these are supposed to be less powerful ,but you can't tell by listening. I now understand what the room being pressurized is, there is just so much weight,

I know a lot of this is due to the combination of my Zu speakers and the amp. If you want to try a 845 based amp I couldn't recommend the Line Magnetic 518ia any more enthusiastically!!
I also own a 518IA and am interested to know about your use of the 845C tube. Do you bias them lower or the same as the manual recommended?