JR Corus vs Constellation Audio Inspiration Preamp

RH raved about both the Jeff Rowland Corus preamp in a previous issue of TAS and about the CA Inspiration in the latest issue.

I recently had both these units at home and would like to share my experience. To cut to the chase, there are 2 questions to address here :-

1. What are the features that A has that are missing in B?

2. Which feature will I miss more, in the context of my system, when switching A/B?

To answer the first question :-
A. The Corus is rich in tonal colours and full-bodied in its presentation - bottom-up as per JV. Its soundstage is cavernous with a very 3-dimensional wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling perspective.
B. The Inspiration is super-refined and extremely airy in the treble - a top-down presenation as per JV. The soundstage is not as cavernous as A.

To answer the second question, I miss A more than B when switching back and forth. The most pleasurable musical instrument for me is the piano and when a key is struck, it should sound with all its natural weight and body. The Corus does this very well while the Inspiration comes in short in this department.

As has been often said, you choose what you like for the sound of the overall system. In a system that is already dark/syrupy, the Inspiration would be a good fit. In a system that is dry/lean, the Corus would be the wiser choice.

Cheers! J.
Jeff Rowland definitely figured something out when it comes to preamp design. Thank you for posting your findings.
ENJOY that wonderful preamp!
Agree that JR certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to preamp design. Just to be fair to the CA Inspiration, the Corus retails for 14k compared to the Inspiration's 9k.
As an update to my other thread on the Corus, I am now waiting for the upgrade model which my dealer says is in the works and that it would incorporate the outboard dc power supply into a single chassis with the preamp section. So I am back with the Capri S2 for now, while I wait with bated breath..... J.
Hi Jon, you can expect Corus to take a further performance leap once the ultracapacitor-based PSU external power supply is released. Guido
Hi Guido,
Yes, can't wait for it. Do you have any news of the release date? First quarter of 2015, I hope.
Hi Jon, PSU is undergoing a finalization burst... Design has been extremely complex over the past two years... I hope we might see PSU by mid year. I will post as soon as I learn something that is no longer the product of my own imagination. Guido