Japanese mini lp

Ive seen these mini lp/cds on ebay and wondered exactly what they were..hi rez?..just an old school packaging..prices are high so I thought Id ask before buying one..thanks
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for music collectors...think an HO scale version of an album. most are from japan and made in limited quantities, and many contain lots of extra tracks. cool as all getout. I have a friend with a complete set of blue notes, some in multiples....none are opened

Pros: Japanese quality control seems to be a bit tighter. The mini-LP packaging takes up less space. They frequently contain bonus tracks. Usually limited edition releases.

Cons: Only one I see is price. They're expensive even if you purchase direct from Japan plus the shipping cost can be astronomical (especially EMS). The prices charged by US suppliers reflect this. Best bet may be Ebay.
Actually, some are (or have been) different. The Yes releases from Japan were remastered in HDCD, the only HDCD discs in the Yes catalog.
The Idealcopy had some of these MiniLP (CDs) things of The Cure about 2 months ago. But not anymore, as noted above,
they were expensive: about 56bux for a cd. They were, however, hi-rez. I forget what the format is called, though.