Is this MQA news a big deal?

Just now stumbled across this release regarding DACs from ESS adding MQA, but I'm not certain if it means there'll likely be many companies offering MQA decoding soon enough. Or if it perhaps means something else. Any thoughts?
All these DACs that sound better with these ridiculously high sample rates and the HF noise included in a 192 KHz file are all likely suffering from linearity issues and poor implementation of brick wall anti-aliasing filters. I don’t think MQA will fix anything on a well made DAC.
 A couple years ago I came across an informative analysis of MQA and I see current commentary on this site 
MQA is as controversial as religion at this point. I like it having it, but would stop short of calling it must have. At the very least there are stories like this to its credit;

Interesting. The MQA version of Fairytales doesn’t sound right to my ears. I don’t have the vinyl to compare. Her vocals sound like she is singing slightly diminished intervals. Very fragile slightly dissonant harmonically thin voice. Piano sounds a bit off too.

Apart from that I totally don’t understand all the hooopla?
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