Is it safe to float the ground of a HC amp?

I've read varying views of this in the archives. Some say that as long as you have your preamp grounded it is safe to float all other components. Some say it can be a lethal mistake.
Currently I have no floating grounds, but I'm considering trying some Electraglide power cords for my amp. I've also read that Electraglide power cords have no ground.
Is it safe to use an ungrounded power cords on a high current amplifier?

B&K floats the ground on many of their amps. My M200 Sonata's are 150 amps p-p and there's no ground. I'm not sure what this says about the prospect with other manufacturers though.
High-current amps are no different than other amps in respect of floating grounds. Do it if you must, to eliminate ground-loop hum; otherwise use the ground.

Altho I had to float all my 3rd-wire grounds before I rewired my listeningroom, personally I would not buy a 2-wire powercord for an amp that has a 3-wire ground.