Is a PTP Solid 12 (Lenco) worthy of a $5k cartridge

Calling audiophiles who have heard these PTP modified Lenco GL75. It looks like a neat modification/restoration. But can they be considered as a serious front-end worthy of a $5k cartridge and $10k phonostage ?

There is a lot of fan following for vintage idler drives, especially those which are updated and modified with the latest components but I seldom see people using top quality ancillaries with these turntables. I have been going through a lot of posts on forums and youtube videos related to these TTs. Almost every time I see these paired with some Denon 103 variants or sometimes an SPU. I am fancying to put a high quality Dynavector/ZYX/Benz/Transfiguration on it. Will it make sense ?

Hi, I have seen a few videos of Bob Wood's TT on youtube. They are okay. He also uses an SPU and couple of other vintage MMs. I am looking for opinion on whether a serious front end consisting of something like Ortofon Anna or Lyra Atlas on a PTP Solid 12 would make sense or is the table simply not ready for that kind of cartridges.

I know that people who use Jean Nantais Reference lencos use top cartridges on it. Arthur Salvatore is a good example. But PTP is a relatively lower cost build so many buyers probably dont even think of spending a lot on cart.
Hi Pani,
I had a feeling you’d be familiar with Bob’s work but I had to ask. ;)
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I have a heavely tweaked lenco with massive aluminium plinth ,two platters,with ptp4 kit made by the builder of the PTP. Total weight 160 lb. I have an OL conqueror mk II arm with Benz LP S and enjoy it a lot.
Some reading
Hi Gilles130, I see multiple platter options for Lenco:

1. The original platter
2. Stainless steel platter shown on PTP website. It has holes on it
3. Gun metal platter by puresound
4. Original platter but double stacked 

Whats your take on all these options ? Which one is the best ?