Anyone know much about the Infinity RS 4000,5000 or 6000 speakers with the EMIT tweater? Not a lot on line about them but what I have seen they seem to be middle of the road grade in there lineup.
In the old days, Infinity was state of the art.  My favorite speaker of all time was the ServoStatic 1A..... Time has moved on, although the Servo's would still be sota, their new product line after Nudel left sounded to me when I heard them - a while back... like boom, sizzle....  I would audition in person to find your choice.

go for the older models- EMIT tweeter/mid.  Search here on Audiogon & eBay.  The newer speakers are junk.
That's what I'm referring to,RS line in the mid 80's.
These do have the EMIT's. 
I owned a pair of Infinity RS-1b’s (Brooks Berdan’s personal pair, with Cardas wiring) for awhile. The Eminent Technology LFT-8b’s I now own is a similar and imo superior speaker.
stringreen......I also remember the great Infinity SS1A's.  what a wonderful system!!!!!!
These  aren't in the same league as those higher end models.Just purchased a pair of RS-4000a with the EMIT K tweeters from a gentleman moving overseas for $40 dollars.They are in great condition but just not much information on line about them and curious for some thoughts. 
Did you try looking at the Infinity subforum over at

A quick search turned up 3 pages of RS4000 posts.
any of those 80's to early 90's Infinity models are right to own.
Happy Listening!
Wouldn't trade my RSIIb's for any other speakers. Love em.
NICE!What are you driving them with 
Homemade SET mono amps. Homemade DAC/Linestage. Zero One Audio CD/Hard drive player.
The RS-4000a aren't in that league but I'm happy with how they sound.
Get yourself a pair of Infinity Kappa 9 if you have a medium to large size room.
They are power hogs and need bi-amping, but they are incredible sounding speakers. They are beautiful speakers too.  They can usually be had for $1,000 to $1500....a great bargain.

Great speakers, I use a pair of rs 5001’s on my CPU with spotify, awesome sound and a pair of kappa 9’s and IRS epsilons in my listening room, I haven’t heard any of today’s offerings for under 40k that make me want to get rid of my Infinity's in my listening room
I need to refoam the midrange in both speakers.But other than that they sound good.
They will sound even better once you re foam the mids.
That's very good news!