I've narrowed it down...

So my first venture into tube equipment will be an integrated amp based on the recommendations of this fine group of enthusiasts. I have narrowed the field to the Rogue Audio Tempest III, Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum, the Cayin H-80 and Cary SLI-80.

All of this is based on what I have read and what fits in my budget. The Cary is a little over but for something I think I'll have for a lifetime I'm willing to go a little over...

I will be driving B&W 602S3's until more $$$ are available for something else.

My intent is to listen to vinyl then maybe venture into CD's or digital music. Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated.

Going somewhere to listen to any of these is not an option for me, and room size is undetermined as I am in the process of moving.

Every bit of audio equipment ever made has warmup times at least that long. Not that you can't enjoy it long before that. Many years ago when I still ran transistors, I had to leave them on 24/7 so they would sound their best. It took them a week to warm up.

Of the amps you have listed in your original post, I would go for the Rogue Tempest III.
How do you know when it is time to replace a tube does it simply fail? On one minute, off the next?
I have never heard a tube fail catostrophically, but I have heard a tube that was starting to go out. In that case the music started to break up a bit when we started pushing the speakers.
Hey, you haven't lived til you experience a catastrophic tube failure.

In my experience, you simultaneously get loud crackling and spitting noises from your speakers as a light show appears from the offending amp. This is much better if the lights are dimmed.

Smoke will often rise from the amp's chassis, but with a little luck, the fuse will blow before any serious damage is done.

As you bolt from your easy chair to turn things off, heart racing of course, you'll no doubt get that familiar smell of burnt electrical parts. Gee, it doesn't get any better than that!

Lest anyone think I shy away from tubes on the mere chance one might fail, there are 68 tubes employed between my two systems and I never worry about it.