How does this picture make you feel?
What are your thoughts about this picture? Please share them here. Thank you.

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Like I wouldn't have room in my rack.

Is there some new anti Scandinavian thing I'm missing?
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Tandberg.  I wish Tandberg's looks from the mid 1980's was back.

I'm not sure I get the point. So, Hegel put their name and country where others might just put the country??
It makes me feel like maybe I'm not such a bad photographer after all.
Is this a "Hegel is made in China" thread again?
The photo was lifted off a listing for an H10 that was just posted on US Audio Mart. Apparently Hegel is “designed” in Norway and manufactured by Consonance in China. Don’t like it don’t buy it. I had an H160 briefly and thought it was ok but nothing special.
Is this a "Hegel is made in China" thread again?

Looks like it is jond…snorefest
Why wouldn't the OP just ask the direct question?
Wow thats amazing dude!!!
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Everyone is wrong.

This is one of those pics with a hidden image. Can't you see it?

 There's a message saying cables and analog are a hoax.

All I see if a black rectangle.  It makes me very depressed.
That’s probably a ten year old amp. Nothing wrong with the photo or the brand. Hegel makes great gear. Friends own Hegel integrateds and they are outstanding. I’ve owned a few amps. As long as a company maintains quality control, nothing else matters.

All you Hegel owners, be proud and enjoy your gear. 
The issue here isn't whether the amp is made in China, which it is, as are many, many other very fine audio components, but rather whether Hegel was/is piggy-backing off old Consonance designs, and just modifying them a little, as they did with the Mohican CD player.
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....sounds like another annoyed jab @ 'misrepresentation'....

I once heard that a cardboard box stating 'Made in the USA' only needed to be folded up, filled with it's contents from *?*, and taped shut.

first impression is meh. Second thought on noticing two sets of binding posts for each channel, I wonder if it’s for bi-wiring or if there are two amps per channel for bi-amping. My setup is bi-amped vertically, two 150 watt x 2 power amps, so with 600 watts at my disposal, I am not wanting for power. 
Show me 1 audio product that is 100% made in the country that the factory is in.That means wire, solder, plastic boards,screws nuts, aluminum or steel cases, everything.This is a global economy and everything is sourced from all over the world, the manufacturers buy products and services from whomever gives them the best price per piece profit margin.The OP needs to get off of his soapbox and start living in the real world.
Easier to buy and hide guns. :)
Per the user manual, 2 pairs wired in an amp with 'bi-polar proprietary design'..

OK, the amp, the owner, or both need meds?
Capable of sudden attitude adjustments?
'Anniversary' version.....'Happy' or 'long suffering tolerance'?

Sorry....couldn't's one thing to see such prose in specs, it begs these questions...;)
OH....Norwegian/Chinese.....(maybe).....oh, my.....

I have 2 Norwegian saws......'guaranteed pedigree'....nice, stoic, hard working.....

I once worked with a Chinese fellow who was FOB....standard answer was "All right, OK!".
He had an excuse....that was pretty much the extent of his English....
Met him years later....we both had an ironic laugh over that....;)
My Primaluna is made in China. 
The Herron phono stage in the USA. 
Both are excellent pieces of kit.
I see no problem with a China made Hegel. 
Better than “made in China”
which I’m sure it is!

 One of my best amps was the Rotel rb1090.  Over 700W @4 ohm!
she was a beast, but luck o’the Irish hit me, turned on one morning, and a white pop, flash, tiny smoke plume.
 Inrush current limiter went out, bad luck as always.

 made my D-9’s sing like no other!

 Miss that Rotel, sold to a douche on eBay, as I was afraid of negative mark, brought up the shipping charge, which was big$$,
he manipulated me, and wound up getting a sweet deal.
   Wish still had that amp, sounded great!, tight, open, headroom, damping, controlled the woofers like magic!
   Have upgraded since!, much happier now.
have 3 pair of cerwin vega D-9’s looking for a home!
  Need reconing. 
Surprisingly the odyssey monos at a measley 200WPC, do drive them better.

 I brought up another thread about these 200WPC, monos, sounding better than the emotiva xpa-1momos at 500W8ohm, & [email protected];ohm.

 Still boggles me how this can be.
a pair of 200W @8ohm monos can sound better and deeper/more clarity than an amp with 3X the power at 4Ohms?

better parts? Design? Construction?  Driven at 4 Ohm, maybe 350-380WPC,RMS, BLOWS the doors off the 1000W rms emotiva monos xpa-1 amps!

It makes me feel happy.

I once owned a Moto Guzzi Norge (motorcycle). It was made in Italy 
I have an American wife made from Swedish and Norwegian heritage,I have had this wife for 35 years and it still runs great, buy American they last.
I was going to buy a Hegel amp to go with my Magico A3’s. When I found out Hegel was trying to mislead us into thinking their products were manufactured in Norway rather in China I crossed them off my list.
It bears repeating that:

1. Chinese products are so inexpensive because their workers are exploited and poorly paid for their labor. Our labor unions fought long and hard to get decent wages here, only to be sold out by free trade agreements that enabled big corporations to ship their jobs overseas. That’s how the Rust Belt came to be.

2. Chinese manufacturing is typically characterized by a lack of quality control. Their stuff is, in general, poorly made and will break down. The lack of quality again enables cheaper prices. You get what you pay for generally speaking.

3. I’m in favor of buying well made products wherever they come from by a work force that is paid a decent wage. My amp is a Luxman from Japan, my turntable is a VPI from New Jersey, my CD player is a Marantz from Japan, and my Shunyata power conditioner manufactured in Washington State. My speakers were manufactured in California.

In my opinion it is flat out wrong to buy products from exploited workers overseas now doing the millions of jobs that were recently the backbone of our economy. Who benefits from that? And it is foolish to buy expensive components from China where manufacturing quality control is so poor. And any company trying to deceive their buyers into thinking  their products are made elsewhere than China should be avoided on the basis of their dishonesty alone.


To be fair to Hegel, my old H2/P2 combo has proud statement "Made in Norway" on the back (can't attach picture here) and sounds way better than much newer H300, but I know it's a matter of my luck and change in output transistors, mentioned in one of reviews. Still looking for a better upgrade...
Makes me feel disconnected. 

I believe I see an incorrect use of a comma.
Just like a woman to ask a question to men where there is no possible correct or satisfactory answer only to watch us squirm for an accolade or at least some pathetic recognition..... HA
It makes me feel like... SINGING IN THE RAIN!!!
Too much quarantine time...,.
(make's the OP feel like) A Natural Woman!!!
Evidently, no one else has read the Mohican thread.
Perhaps, you are the last of the Mohicans.
In order to be labeled made in the USA, 70% of the product must be made in the USA. That is federal law and taken quite serious.  If it's just thrown in a box like someone said, it can't be labeled anything other than I guess sold in the USA.  Even to be labeled assembled in the USA required you to at least put 2 parts together, and boxes do not count as a piece.
And to the guy who says show me a product 100% made in any one beef comes from a farm 30 minutes from me.  The steel roll's I used to make at my last job. Hell, even schiit products are made in the USA, everything but the power bricks.  Intel processor's, tscm is opening a factory this year in Arizona to make their 5nm chips here in the USA.  The list goes on and on.  And that's not counting China itself where a ton of stuff is 100% made in the country.  Japan and Germany would also argue with ya. 
"And it is foolish to buy expensive components from China where manufacturing quality control is so poor."
I think it depends. More expensive items may have better quality control. No way for me to prove it here, of course, but manufacturers in China are aware of quality concerns, too.

For whatever reason, I still have one Made in China NAD amplifier about twenty years old now. If everything would be that reliable. It worked virtually 16/7 for 15 years. It still works, just not that much.
It's deceptive, and likely violates US import laws which require that the country of manufacture be displayed on the product.
I'm glad I don't have to lift it.