How do you see your system in five years from now ?

What is your strategy, what are you going to change, to upgrade etc. ?
I would like to improve my analog source. Hopefully will get tube phono stage, something like Allnic 1202, perhaps motor controller for my Nottingham Spacedeck, new cartridge. Upgrading speakers would be nice but then I would want to upgrade the electronics too right away, so probably no.
Overall I see my system as focusing on better room acoustics and simpler electronics.

As a system that does 50/50 music/movies I'm very satisfied with the speakers.  Right now it's pretty complex though, if I think of all the devices:

  • Roku
  • Music streamer
  • DAC
  • HT Processor
  • Bluray player
  • Integrated
  • TV
  • 3 x Class D monoblocks
The pressure to simplify to a single HT receiver is real.  I'd then have:

  • HT Receiver (replaces 3 x monoblocks, integrated, DAC, streamer)
  • Roku
  • BluRay
  • TV
I will be in a different, better room. What follows from there is not clear, but it will likely involve different room treatments and possibly different speakers. It will almost certainly involve a swarm.
As an aging Boomer, I’ll expand it out to 10 years as a more probable projection.
It will be a flatline for 3-5 years and then on a probable downsizing pathway with culling of the herd at either end of the spectrum below.

I have multiple 2-channel systems in different rooms ranging from $1,500 (exercise room), $4,000 (home office), $7,000 (family room), and $40,000 (man cave).

I spend 90% of my listening time in the middle two rooms with a 40 - 60 split.

Our current arguably now a way-too-big house on a quarter acre lot for just the two of us, is now becoming increasingly problematic vis-a- vis upkeep and maintenance.  As we navelgaze the spectre of the eventual home downsizing, my audio systems cull will have to follow in lockstep.
Simplifying would be good. But cost of it..
I would get Gryphon Diablo 300 integrated with DAC but would still want tube phono. If I can't get that high I will keep my Burson separates, I like Burson enough.
Room acoustics..I expect to move and probably not just once so..
20.7 or 20.8 if released.