Honest sellers you never forget

It's been my experience dealing with sellers/resellers online to expect something negative regardless how menial it may be when dealing online.

I thought I'd take time to give recognition to another honest online dealer. I wont go into detail only that I've run into another that once again merits positive mention.

Josh, with Recycled Audio, one of the rare that stands by his word and as honest it gets. Cheers, Josh, it's been a pleasure.
I've known Josh for close to 40 years now. He is a really good guy and is always willing to work with you to make a deal happen.

Glad you had a good transaction with him.
There are a few that come to mind ,,,But the one that really stands out for me is Mehran at Sorasound. A true Gentleman ! Mike at Jolida is another that handled a problem that was not his fault with class and honesty .
Excellent thread idea, Mental.
It is important to post both positive & negative dealings.
Praise the good guys and perish the bad guys! Thanks for sharing All! Happy listening-
Bill Parrish of GTT Audio/video in NJ has always been fair, helpful, and honest with me.
Excellent suggestion, Tom.
I can hardly await to visit Bill at his store in NJ. There are some wonderful videos on You Tube that will give one an idea of him and his operation. Very serious gear!

When in Dallas, TX- look up John Fort Audio.
When in San Antonio TX- look up Galen Carol Audio.
When in Baltimore, MD- look up Soundscape.
- look up The Listening Room.

Happy Listening!
Hot dang, interesting responses. I'll have to refer back to this thread to keep up with everyone's input as to know who gets the respect. I could name several I will never deal with again but we all know the monitors would be correct in deleting/not approving my response :)
I only remember one: Mr Ebay.
lol @ Czarivey...excellent response, I have run across several in here too.
Great thread!  How about dealers you swear and hope never to cross our paths again :-)
How about dealers you swear and hope never to cross our paths again .

I nominate the one, the only Audiopimp!

Audio Advice- Raleigh NC- excellent operation.
Audio Excellance- Raleigh NC- excellent place.

Goldprint Audio- Greensboro NC, Taylor is always accommodating.
Mario Campa owner Toys From The Attic in White Plains, NY
Spearit Sound in MA. Ask for Jack Tozzi
+1 jafant.  Spearit Sound gave me great pre and post sale service on a relatively small sale.  Recommended. 
TY- swampwalker.
Reno Hifi,. Mark. Great stuff, great guy, excellent businessman. 


Reno HiFi has an outstanding reputation.

Useful thread.
Three come to mind:

1- Jim Salk is the Best in my book.  He is all about customer service.

2- Dan Wright of Modwright is also a great guy with 1st rate customer service.

3- Ty Lashbrook of Tyler Acoustics.
Arizona Hi Fi in Phoenix, AZ. Great service, products and advice
Second @jafant 's suggestion of The Listening Room in Baltimore - Mark and Don are honest and reliable.

Also, Paul at Clear Day Cables is a true honest seller, as is Mr. Robert Lee from Acoustic Zen. Just men dedicated to their craft.
Audio Connection- NJ.
I would like to read more about Arizona dealers/retailers. I know that they are out there!
great experience with Reno Hifi and with Accent on Music in Mount Kisco

been to Audio Connection, nice place but never bought anything

Esoteric Audio is another great dealer in Phoenix, AZ. Andrew is a nice guy, and they carry Aesthetix, which is the brand of electronics I use in my system.

Affordable Audio in Marina del Rey

Dynamic Sound Systems in Carlsbad

Many Thanks! jperry and musicpod.
Not an "online retailer" but props to Bruce Thigpen of Eminent Technology.

One thing I've always appreciated about this hobby is that you can actually call and talk with the designers of gear. Over the past several years, I've spoken with BT and he was always accommodating and willing to listen and talk with no sense of him wanting to brush me off.

+1 for Galen Carol.
I've dealt with Audio Advice for the last 30 years. They are a great asset to the area. My "nit picks" as a vinyl lover are as follows:

Their vinyl selection is (obviously) "unkempt"! I was looking through it a few weeks ago... there was nobody that cares about how they present this music source, it seems. The way the lps are stacked...not good. Most of them were upside down. There were lps missing from the jackets. They were physically not taken care of. I found this to be an issue that they need to address.

Although they will accommodate you if you call ahead for a listening session with their best tables, if one walks in off the street, you're most likely to be disappointed, as was I recently.

I realize that their main source of income is digital and custom home installs, but if you want to be serious with your vinyl customers, they need to step it up...IMO.
In regards to the remarks concerning Audio Advice by faster61woman.  I have been a customer of Audio Advice's since 1983, you will not find a better store.  Leon Shaw the owner, is the most reliable, honest, customer satisfaction orientated person I have ever met.  Having an audio addiction, I seek out stores in all places that I visit.  I can say without hesitation that I trust these people more than any place that I have visited.  I live 70 miles from the store, Leon has been to my house several times to diagnose problems, help set up existing equipment or to bring demo pieces to try.  I had a video processor that had experienced problems during warranty.  The warranty expired and I had additional problems.  Leon made sure that the company was aware of the problems and they replaced with a new unit.  Perhaps faster61woman hit it on a bad day and hopefully she mentioned the problem to a manager, from my experience they strive to be the best.
Another vote for Paul L of Clear Day.