High-End Stanton, Shure Cartridges vs. High-End MC

Has anyone compared a high-end Stanton or Shure cartridge to one of the exotic four figure MC cartridges like a Koetsu, Clearaudio, etc.?

I once used a Benz L04 MC on a Well Tempered Classic: the sound seemed to me veiled in comparison to a Stanton 680 series, 881S Series, and a Pickering XSV-3000 with D4500S stylus. I am not sure if investing in a $2,000.00 - $3,000.00 MC is going to be dramatically more expressive in terms of the dynamics, detail, and intricacies I heard with the Stantons and Pickering XSV.

I have also listened to the Kondo IO cartridge and Clearaudio Goldfinger but could not clearly discern that they far outperformed the Stanton/Pickering range of cartridges. Then again, I might just be inattentive to the subtle sonic nuances that lay in the grooves. I listen to classical, Miles Davis, the Big Band era. Current system consists of a Basis Ovation w/Vector 4 and Precision Fidelity C7/A pre. Thanks to all.
Check this Thread for an extensive discussion regarding the merits of MM vs. MC cartridges;
I'm very fond of MM carts, especially the Stantons and Pickerings with Stereohedron stylus. A Stanton 881S on one of my arms (SME IIIs) is really hard to beat. The ultra-detail of many high-end MC carts is a turn-off for me, though many obviously like it. Good luck, Dave
Thank you for your input guys. I'm currently listening to a Stanton 680 series and it sounds really exceptional with a Basis & Vector 4 tonearm setup.
I was talking to Kavi Alexander of Water Lilly Records the other day, and he told me that his favorite cartridge is a Techniques moving magnet (I forgot the model number). Obviously it isn't made any more, but he really likes moving magnets.
Dear Stringreen: If you can try a MM cartridge in your system, there are several MM cartridges where you can make a choice and that are worth to have/listen it.

Regards and enjoy the music.