Help with final choice of efficient speakers

I have had a lot of good advice before, so I am hoping for some more. I have been looking for about a year for my final set of moderately efficient box speakers. I am afraid I am not a fan of horn speakers.

My current system:
TW Accustic Raveon one/ortofon 309D/Benz Micro L
Resolution Audio Opus 21/GNSC upgraded
Viva Solista 845 SET integrated
Acoustic Zen Adagio
Pure Power APS power regenerator

I listen to most musical Genres, but particularly Classical, Opera, blues and Jazz. I am looking for a musical sound at the expense of some colouration if necessary, rather than an ultra detailed, neutral, HiFi sound.
The Solista puts out only 22 watts, but it happily drives the 89db Adagios. They are excellent speakers, but I am looking for more.
The speakers need to be solid wood or veneer and reasonably compact, to keep my wife happy.

I have listened to
Zingali can't remember model, diasappointing
Art Deco 8/9 signature, very nice indeed, but painted
Guru 10/60, can not fit in with positioning
Coincident Victory, suprisingly disappointing, may have been set up
Tannoy Westminster, too big
Zu definition
Peak Consult Empress, a bit flat and unenvolving
Devore Fidelity Gibbon 9, very good

What I am left with at the moment are Devore Fidelity Gibbon 9's, which I thought were very good indeed. Great imaging, base, a neutral unfatiguing, detailed sound, from a pretty ordinary looking small box. The alternative, which I have'nt heard yet, is a pair of Daedalus Da-rma standmounts or DA 1.1 floorstanders. The top of the line Ulysses are just a bit too big for my room.

I doubt if anyone has compared these speakers, if so, I would like your opinion. If not, the views of anyone who uses either speaker would be good. Thankyou
David12, Of those you list only the Devores impress me. You might want to add the Reference 3A Grand Veenas also. I don't know which of these I would prefer.
Raquel, you mention ArtAudio using Fremonts, Art Audio also use the Daedalus DA-RMa, and many other speakers. Their partner Gill Audio (David Gill) uses the Daedalus Ulysses as his reference. I have the Art Audio/Gill Alana pre and Elise DAC here and they are my reference... very neutral, excellent resolution and musical. The Fremont is a good speaker, just a different emphasis than some others. btw the Stereotimes reviewer who did the DA-RMa bought them.
David You may have already selected one of the fine speakers
that have been mentioned.
I can only add that I am somewhat familiar with your outstanding Solista.I heard it driving Sonus Faber Homage speakers beautifully and must say I have never heard this speaker sound as good with any other amp.
DeVore 9's are very good but not the equal of the Devore Silverbacks.Just my thoughts.Good luck in your selection
Well I went to RMAF and enjoyed it enourmously by the way. Of the speakers I listened to, I liked Silverline, but the Bolero's were too expensive. The merlins were very nice, LSA, Von Scheikert with Moscode, but I ordered the Daedalus Da-Rma's, which hopefully are on the way to being made by Lou. Thanks for all your advice