Good old days

I remember when I was happy that everything I played on my stereo sounded basically the same,  without a care for soundstagjng and the like. This occurs to me now as I sit in my car enjoying the hell out of everything played.  All I’m thinking about is the music.  Maybe it’s time for me to pack in my high end aspirations.


Look into headphone. I am like you and a speaker lover and a music lover above all else.

I had a similar problem with my tube amp, although it sounded amazing, I was just never happy knowing that I have to replace the expensive tubes, time unknown. That bugged me and I couldn’t be happy long-term with it.

The Meze Elite headphone sounds phenomenal with any type of music plugged into any components. It has insane musicality.

If you want something to simply enjoy music and not worry about ANYTHING, The Meze Elite has my highest recommendation. You certainly don’t have to worry about equipments and room treatments. It’s also a plus that it is supremely comfortable.

Check out the RAAL SR1a with even a $300 Shitt Jotenhuim R headphone amp (if still sold). You could also use your 2-channel amps (with al lot of power), or for reference level sound, the RAAL VM-1a headphone amp. 

I doubt there is a better headphone at any price that can compare with this. I used to have the Meze Empy. I loved it but it is like a 1/10 compared to the 10/10 Sr1a.

The negative comments that you will hear about this is that it does not look like a headphone (funny looking) nor does it sound like headphones. For me the looks do not matter and the fact that it does not sound closed in like headphones, but open like 2-channel, is a massive feature not a bug.

What you have is 2-channel sound WTHOUT a room to deal with.

Audio Nervosa is truly like a chronic disease. There are periods of time when I’m totally discombobulated, not able to listen to music for music itself, and then there are periods when it all comes together. Those  former periods are debilitating but the latter periods are magnificent.

I stand by my previous suggestion about the relocation of your listening chair.  I would also suggest that Audio Nervosa is a manifestation of a certain personality type (I am one of those) that needs to have things be just so.  It is the quest for exactitude in various endeavors; an itch that needs to get scratched, so to speak.  What are your other interests besides music?  Try satisfying that itch by active participation in other things/hobbies that require a similar type of involvement.  This may very well ease the need to have the “ear candy” aspect of sound be just so and allow you to focus more on the music.