Glass Toslink Optical versus Plastic

Any real world audio advantages, if any, to using glass as opposed to plastic.

I'm sure with great distances such as miles of fiber optic cables certainly matters.

But what about a couple of feet?

So far, I've read that DD, DTS, and the like benefit the most due to high bandwidth needed for multichannel audio.

But is bandwidth in the MHz region really needed for use in a dac that is being fed a 16/44 pcm signal via toslink? Or even a 24/192 signal?

If so, and if you have heard the difference, please elaborate.

BTW, I am feeding signal from an Apple A.E. to my dacs' optical input, whereas my reference player feeds the dacs' coax input.

Would really like to hear from those who are using or have used glass before I order one for my iTunes stream.

I may want to compare it also to the coax in my player.

I'm interested in this question too, and will be running from a Mac Mini to a Pacecar to a Northstar DAC. Thanks, Peter
I have not compared the two, however, I bought the Blue Jeans Cable version of the Mitsubishi optical plastic running 25 feet from my DirecTV HD receiver to my processor. I have never had a single drop-out or anything other than a perfect signal. As in eyeglasses, there is a difference between types of plastic. This material seems to be fine. Glass is supposedly superior but it has to be handled more carefully and is more expensive. The Blue Jean Toslink is $28 for 25 feet.
I am a believer in glass. If you want to test to reach your own conclusion, go to and call them. They have a cable lending library. AQlso, good advice is available.
You might be interested in this old review of Toslink vs RCA digital cables ......
I tried a newer version of the WireWorld cable between my Sony 707 and Bel Canto dac2 and was very impressed. A cheaper plastic Toslink I tried later seemed to veil the music.
I had a monster plastic optical cable from my DVD Blue ray player and receiver and the Wire World Glass optical kicked butt on the plastic. It was not subtle. Spent a little over a $100 for it but don't know if the more affordable glass optical sounds similiar. Only your 2 ears can tell you if they sound better.
I tried about every Toslink cable I could get my hands on when I was using an Apple Airport (Mini-Toslink) to my ECD-1 DAC. The best sounding cable in my system by a long shot was the WireWorld Supernova +5 Glass Toslink Cable.

Good Luck!

Glad to know some have had positive results from glass, Thanks!