Fuse advice

I'm purchasing a Synergistic Black fuse for my Pass XP-20 & Desmond from Pass tells me the fuse in the XP-20 is a 

 1/2 slow blow fuse and the type is a 3AGC (1.25" x .25").

Can you guys clarify which Black fuse I need?

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1/2 Amp = 500 mA(#74727, on the following page): http://www.partsconnexion.com/fuse_hifituning_supreme_lrg_sb.html   That's the correct fuse for the Pass XP-20's  220-240V power supply.  CHEERS!
That's great, thanks for the info.
Does anyone know how the HiFi Tuning Black compare to the Synergistic Black? 
I must say I use the standard HiFi Tuning fuses in my power cables & they're excellent. 
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@infection many of us have found that the SR Blacks tend to blow on start up surges thus going up a size (i.e. To 625mA) is often advisable. This is certainly the case with all my DCS gear but I found that I could get away with using the rated fuse on my ARC and VTL amps.  
I don't like the sound of that!
Why does it happen?
Power up surges are very common and blowing with them Is a common experience with "hi-fi" fuses (there's actually a discussion of it on the HiFi tuning fuse page that @rodman99999 referred you to). It's not as if 625mA is going to harm your kit anyway if 500mA is safe. With the gear I have that's prone to it it happens maybe 25% of the time and I've learned to step up a size to avoid it. 

I get get my blacks from Alfred Kainz at high end electronics so maybe ask him if he has any advice on your particular situation 

I spaced your request for info on the Synergistic Black. My Hi-Fi Tuning Supremes are also black(in color), and my feeble brain made a sideways leap & erroneous connection (sorry) . Here’s the correct page for the requested fuse(#81129), in case you haven't found it yet: (http://www.partsconnexion.com/fuse_syn-blk_lrg_sb.html) This page also makes brief mention of the potential in-rush current/link metallurgy issue(silver vs steel or nichrome).
Thanks for the info guys.

@folkfreak - as you suggest a step-up my GamuT M250i monos take 6.3 so from your experience what do you recommend? 

I strongly suspect you will not experience start up surges on a power amp with a 6.3A fuse, if you did likely you’d know it as all the lights would dim 😏

However if you do try it and it blows then the appropriate size would be the 8A one. I’d try the 6.3 first if I was you however


If the GamuT M250i amp is still under warranty I would suggest you contact the manufacture if you increase the fuse size from 6.3 amp to 8A. You may void the warranty. An increase from 6.3A to 8A is an increase of 27%.
Thanks folkfreak & jea48...I'll certainly check with GamuT.

So how does the HiFi Tuning Supreme compare to the SR Black? 
Sorry. I've never compared the SR against the HFT fuses. 
@folkfreak Your system is very nice indeed! 
@infection thanks for that. My philosophy is to make few changes to the main components but to invest a lot of time (and unfortunately also $) in optimizing how they sound. I suspect most comments of the "A smokes B" variety merely reflect a system setup that suits B rather than A. In other words system synergy is all, but it takes a lot of work and time
@folkfreak - Yes you're absolutely right about synergy; a lesser system can sing if components & cables are harmonious. 
I would love to hear your system...maybe when I'm in the States you'll allow me to visit...!