Does anyone have information on Denon POA S1

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This is supposedly a statement piece from Denon. Huge Mono Amp with retail of $40,000/pair. 250W/8 ohms, 500W/4ohms, 1000W/2ohms, and 1400W/1ohm. I have searched far and wide for independent information but could not find any. Please don't just dismis it because it is a Denon, however I would like your honest, educated opinion.
Notable specs: 19 X 11 X 27, S/N 112(n), 120(XLR). Weight 175 lbs each, etc.
I use a full S1 setup of transport DAC preamp,and the mono's in question.Totally liquid with fabulous detail, imaging,decay of sound at the end of notes is very evident,even when compared to top quality alternatives such as Accuphase Class A.Build quality is overwhelming,with massive size and weight.This is by no means a typical mass market Denon product but a specially made,reputedly by hand,range which takes the art of hifi manufacture to it's very limits.There are supposed to be only 47 pairs ever constructed,although I have been unable to substantiate this.
Unless space becomes a limiting factor these items are one of life's ultimate possessions,and their beauty of appearance and sound is something to keep forever-I certainly hope to keep mine.
Weight =79 kg per piece.
Finish =Champagne Gold
Someone is selling the POA-S1 amps on audiogon now.

Here's a pic of a full Denon POA S1 system.
Its the Denon POA-S1 mono amps, PRA-S1 preamp, DENON DP S1 tranport. The transport looks like a spaceship,
Denon DA-S1 DAC. Wilson Watt Puppy speakers.