Digital cables Kimber d60 vs Nordost Valhalla digital cables

Anyone compare Nordost Valhalla digital cable to the Kimber d60? I will admit , iam a big fan of D60, but since Iam again about to buy good dac , I thought of getting a better digital cable than the d60..thank you
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Do yourself a some money and by the DH Labs D-750. I found out that the DH digital coax cable is used in over 30 recording and mastering studios, and understood why after plugging it in.
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Ancaudio , thank you I might get one, More than 10 yrs ago , my friend have the DH lab speaker cables, for the money they are hard to beat....
I don't know the cost of the DH Labs D-750 and I have not heard it however I'm impressed with the Cerious Technologies Matrix digital cable.
FWIW - I recently spent some time auditioning digital coax cables (borrowed several from The Cable Co.). I had a DH Labs D750. I went with a Black Cat Silverstar 75. I think the Silverstar is a bit more detailed and open than the D750. The D750 might be a better match in systems that tend to brightness, however.

More recently, I purchased an Oyaide Neo D+ Class A USB. I am very impressed with this, esp. for the $50 price. Based on the performance of the Oyaide USB I’d be very curious about what good things their DB/DR 510 coax might bring. But the madness has to stop somewhere.

Obviously, results with cable are highly system and listener dependent, even so I would urge you to consider Oyaide and Black Cat options if you are willing to look beyond the Kimber and Nordost cables you mentioned. Good luck in your search.

Ghosthouse, I have the silver star Blackcat, It’s really very good, detailed but full sounding,and natural, It has wide soundstage, I have the D60 a very detailed cable, on the right system it sounds spectacular, can’t use it on the bright system.
Lak (Larry)the DH 750 for 0.5m $90 for 1m $140.
Try Mojo Audio Digital cable
for under $200.00 hard to beat.
Nordost Silver Shadow. Just picked one up new for $250. Nordost has a few NOS at some of their dealers still left; was a $500 cable. My local shop has a few left.
jayctoy, I also had an Oyaide digital cable (purchased from Japan) and I agree, I thought it was very good, regardless of its low cost.
As long as we are talking digital cables I will also recommend the VH Audio Pulsar AG Digital cable that I still have in my possession. I purchased the Audio Pulsar AG Digital cable when Chris suggested I try it. The cable sounded as good as my Stealth Varidig Sextet digital cable (the expensive one).
Sorry for throwing other cable brands into the mix, I realize you did not ask about them and I usually attempt to answer the question the OP asks. I thought other readers might find the information interesting.
As always, best regards...
Larry no need to say sorry, I myself want to know about Bobs digital cable, I have his speaker cables, and ic, they are very very good, You are always a good poster, and assets on this site.
It’s good , Iam getting more recomendations regarding digital cables.More choices is better..thanks a lot....