Digital cables Kimber d60 vs Nordost Valhalla digital cables

Anyone compare Nordost Valhalla digital cable to the Kimber d60? I will admit , iam a big fan of D60, but since Iam again about to buy good dac , I thought of getting a better digital cable than the d60..thank you
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Do yourself a some money and by the DH Labs D-750. I found out that the DH digital coax cable is used in over 30 recording and mastering studios, and understood why after plugging it in.
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Ancaudio , thank you I might get one, More than 10 yrs ago , my friend have the DH lab speaker cables, for the money they are hard to beat....
I don't know the cost of the DH Labs D-750 and I have not heard it however I'm impressed with the Cerious Technologies Matrix digital cable.
FWIW - I recently spent some time auditioning digital coax cables (borrowed several from The Cable Co.). I had a DH Labs D750. I went with a Black Cat Silverstar 75. I think the Silverstar is a bit more detailed and open than the D750. The D750 might be a better match in systems that tend to brightness, however.

More recently, I purchased an Oyaide Neo D+ Class A USB. I am very impressed with this, esp. for the $50 price. Based on the performance of the Oyaide USB I’d be very curious about what good things their DB/DR 510 coax might bring. But the madness has to stop somewhere.

Obviously, results with cable are highly system and listener dependent, even so I would urge you to consider Oyaide and Black Cat options if you are willing to look beyond the Kimber and Nordost cables you mentioned. Good luck in your search.

Ghosthouse, I have the silver star Blackcat, It’s really very good, detailed but full sounding,and natural, It has wide soundstage, I have the D60 a very detailed cable, on the right system it sounds spectacular, can’t use it on the bright system.
Lak (Larry)the DH 750 for 0.5m $90 for 1m $140.
Try Mojo Audio Digital cable
for under $200.00 hard to beat.
Nordost Silver Shadow. Just picked one up new for $250. Nordost has a few NOS at some of their dealers still left; was a $500 cable. My local shop has a few left.
jayctoy, I also had an Oyaide digital cable (purchased from Japan) and I agree, I thought it was very good, regardless of its low cost.
As long as we are talking digital cables I will also recommend the VH Audio Pulsar AG Digital cable that I still have in my possession. I purchased the Audio Pulsar AG Digital cable when Chris suggested I try it. The cable sounded as good as my Stealth Varidig Sextet digital cable (the expensive one).
Sorry for throwing other cable brands into the mix, I realize you did not ask about them and I usually attempt to answer the question the OP asks. I thought other readers might find the information interesting.
As always, best regards...
Larry no need to say sorry, I myself want to know about Bobs digital cable, I have his speaker cables, and ic, they are very very good, You are always a good poster, and assets on this site.
It’s good , Iam getting more recomendations regarding digital cables.More choices is better..thanks a lot....
I also have the D60 purchased back in 1997 then it was Illuminati D60.
Nordost is too bright.
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My recommendation is to hear yourself after you get a new Dac.

Choice of cable is dependent on system and personal taste.

You may get two or three cables which can be returnable.

It is best to spend at least  two weeks to compare them in your system.
What transport and DAC are you using? @shkong78 is totally right; it’s all system dependent. However, when talking RCA spdif cables, my experience is there’s almost zero correlation between how you might like one brand’s analogue cables (or even other digital cables) to the performance in situ of their RCA spdif cable.

e.g. I also took out an spdif cable loan from fatwyre and requested the Audience digital cable because I liked the AU24 speaker and interconnect cables so much. But the digital cable was quite unremarkable and no better or worse than many that were much cheaper. The biggest issue with SPDIF is maintaining correct 75ohm impedance through cabling and connectors, which is all over the map and otherwise IMPOSSIBLE for RCA plugs to achieve electrically (despite what Canare and WBT say). Ideally, you want true 75ohm BNC connectors (like the Bonars used by Berkeley) on true 75ohm coaxial cable. Start there and ignore the snake oil. I’d be extremely dubious of Valhalla’s value for money in this regard. You just want to minimize reflections inducing jitter on the SPDIF transmission line; all else is cable exotica foolery. Have heard Silverstar and thought it was good/fine, a tad preferable to DH Labs, but in fact preferred the older Stereovox HDXV. Obviously Chris S designed the D60 and HDXV and Silverstar. Pat G’s ar-t Ubyte cable (crazy long length BNC-BNC but otherwise normal coaxial) I found ever better than the HDXV. Nowhere near Valhalla prices.
I had got good result with Zenwave D4 digital 1.5m Cable(700$).

Blackcat Silverstar was little bit too bright with some harsh edge in my system.

But Zenwave has overall good balance of details, soundstage, dynamics.

I do not claim that Zenwave blow out Silverstar but it is better that Silverstar at every respect in subtle way.

You may include Zenwave D4 cable for your list to audition in your system.