Is $50 for these a good price?They are in very good shape as well.Listen to a pair of CX-27 awhile ago and read the sound was a bit similar.Thanks for any info.

The Time Frame 600 is a fair amount better than the CX 27... The CX27 coax mounts an Audax Poly carbonate dome to a driver.. Trying to achieve a point source. . The TF 600 Uses a thin slanted cabinet, mounting the tweeter above the mid bass on a slope trying to achieve time alignment.  On the 600, the crossover is full of electrolytics. If you replace even just the couple of mid and tweeter caps with even cheap poly prop caps, this speaker responds well. 

Both are out classed in todays audiophile world, but for fifty bucks and just $20 or so switching out those caps, these are satisfying speakers.

If you are ok with that, you can't lose.

I hope this helps, Tim

Guess that could work as a positive or negative response.Have read that they can be very system dependent as well?
$50 is about the average selling price for those speakers...so if they are local with no shipping charge, it's a good deal if you like them