David Letterman Drum Solo Week

Anyone catch these performances. I thought Sheila E was the most entertaining.

Sheila E
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Shelia E looked smoother compared to the other drummers. And I thought she carried the rhythm and patterns throughout the solo while the other drummers changed and lost patterns.

Anton Fid did a great job as well especially on the wooden snare.
I liked Sheila E as well,

surprisingly Roy Haynes was a bit too subdued for my taste - tasteful but no flash at all - maybe he did not want to 'compete'
And she plays the set in heals...can't be easy to do!
I say you judge 'em by the number of drums and Peart wins in a walk!


BTW When Letterman introduced Shiela E., he mentioned that her new album is called "and Family". Her family (at least Alejandro and Pete Escovedo, IME) are seriously talented. Anyone heard the disc yet?
Roy Haynes was born in 1925...I think we can forgive him for his lack of "flash".
I saw the Neil Peart performance, at least up to the point where my DVR decided the show was over. I thought it was great.
good point Wolf

it was great just to see him...
I hate to ask, but who's Roy Haynes?
Essentially the guy who moved the emphasis of the drum kit from "4 on the floor" (bass drum on 1-2-3-4)up to the ride cymbal - What we think of the the standard jazz beat - ding, ding da-ding, ding da-ding...

Hugely influential jazz drummer
Roy H was never a "flash" drummer but one of Jazz's true innovators...I saw him in concert about 6 months ago....still provides a solid footing to a band, really an impressive musician
I saw Peart do that solo live about 1 month ago.

I wish Letterman would have had Keith Carlock on the show. He's currently drumming for Steely Dan. Simply an exceptional drummer. Tight and precise only begins to describe his style.
I was there in the audience for Stewart Copeland and he can still amaze with his drumming prowess. It was awesome when he jumped into his kit and hammered a kick drum so hard it felt like it shook the building! Talk about kick starting your heart and that was just a prelude of drumming awesomeness to come in a short but memorable 20 minutes... :-)