DAC suggestions for home and office

Hi...I'm looking to upgrade my home and office outboard DAC system. Looking for any suggestions.

PC workstation
Rega Brio-r
Ascend Acoustics Sierra-2 bookshelves, on stands, in almost a nearfield setup.
Crimson speaker cables and interconnects.
USB DAC to replace a Cambridge Audio DACMagic Plus.

I'm leaning heavily towards the Rega DAC for anticipated synergy and its reputation for being a warm/analog sounding DAC. Whatever I get needs to non-fatiguing, as I listen to music in the office 8-10 hours a day. Looking to spend no more than $1,000 here.

For home I'm looking for a DAC that throws a big, clear soundstage and isn't overly warm, as I'm all tubed up with a Lector ZOE preamp and a Joule Electra VZN-80 power amp driving a pair of Dali Mentor 6's. I am currently trying out the ZERO autoformers with the Dalis and really like what they can do.
I currently have here a CA Stream Magic 6, which is basically the DACMagic Plus with better power supply and network features. Compared to my vinyl playback it is lifeless.

I was thinking of the Bryston BDA-1 (I don't need USB) or perhaps the Schiit Gungnir. Max spend on this would be $1,500.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Also, I'm not interested in multi-function DAC/headphone/preamps like the Benchmark as I won't use those features.
Go REGA for two reasons:

(1) Big time synergy with what already comprises your current system, and
(2) Invariably, everything is built to its price point .... the REGA DAC is a Goliath killer that punches way above its weight class BUT... it also still matches well with the price strata of your existing system.
I am happy with my BDA-1 into a Jolida Fusion tubed pre. Can be had under $1000 used.
Thank you both for your suggestions. I ended up with a Rega DAC for the office and put in an order for an Eastern Electric Minimax Supreme DAC for home.

The Rega DAC works nicely (USB -> ifi USB power -> V-link 192 spdif converter).

Have high hopes for the Minimax!
Tortilladc, I can vouch for Sciit gear - I have the Bifrost with the Uber
upgrade and it sounds extremely good.

The Gungnir is a step up from the Bifrost and other members have great
things to say about it.

I just installed the new USB Gen 2 upgrade, which elevated it to a whole
new performance level.

The Bifrost responded extremely well when I upgraded the interconnect ,
USB and power cables. I now consider it a giant killer.
- very dynamic
- excellent image depth and width
- very detailed with exceptional clarity and presence
- very deep extended and well controlled bass
- nicely detailed top end with exceptional sibilance reproduction

Perhaps one of the most analogue sounding DACs under $1800

The build quality is very good and Schiit are very quick processing your

I also had the original DacMagic with a tricked out power supply and great
cables- but the Bifrost is in a very different league altogether.

The Gungnir should provide exceptional sound

Hope that helps