Cybershaft 10Mhz master clocks, new products at various price points....

FYI to anyone interested in Cybershaft products; in addition to the new higher priced offerings with the option
to utilize either power from the wall or an external linear regulated power supply...


Single output clocks;

Cybershaft has also just made public on their website lower price options that don't sacrifice great baseline performance and allow you to select OP-level of the OCXO assembly from OP13 to OP19

For non-Japanese speakers...

Open in Google Chrome, look on the list of selections on the left hand page and select

"For Overseas (English)"

will take you to;

Any questions, let me know.

You can also send email directly to (note there is only 1 working email address now);

" " [NEW / ONLY email address that works]

Any questions or problems getting in touch, send me an IM and I'll help wherever I can.

Multiple Output Versions (option to use built in power supply or have model that uses external power supply)'

Model number: UPOCXO-OP21A Model with built-in AC power supply
Model number: UPOCXO-OP21A-D External DC dedicated model
Model number: UPOCXO-OP20A Model with built-in AC power supply
Model number: UPOCXO-OP20A-D External DC dedicated model
Model number: LTPW01P External DC power supply (with panel)

OP'XX" or in this case, OP21A or OP20A is the performance level of the OCXO. OP21 is a touch better in principal than OP20A, differences are minor

Single Output Versions (only use external power supply);

Model number: UPOCXO-OP21A-1 External DC dedicated model
Model number: UPOCXO-OP20A-1 External DC dedicated model
Model number: LTPW01P External DC power supply (with panel)

Single Output / Lower Precision (OP19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, see table below on that page rating and price option), this line reads like it is meant to be more economical choice;

Model number: UPOCXO-MA-OPxx External DC dedicated model
Model number: LTPW01P External DC power supply (with cast panel)

There are products (clock distributor) and other prior products.
Note I'm not listing all legacy/prior products above, only the newer ones.

They have a line of products for each need and multiple budgets now.

That's how I read through the plethora of options now available.

Hope this helps...
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@ zephyr24069 Can the Cybershaft clocks be used with a dCS Rossini streamer/DAC?  If yes, which do you recommend?
Good Morning @cycles2 !  From what I see on the DCS site, the Rossini DAC can only accept word clock input frequencies at 75-ohm;

"2x Word Clock Inputs on 2x BNC connectors, accept standard word clock at 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 or 192kHz.
The data rate can be the same as the clock rate or an exact multiple of the clock rate. Sensitive to TTL levels. Word Clock Output on 1x BNC connector. In Master mode, a TTL-compatible word clock appears on this output."

The Rossini DAC is a great a sounding unit, a couple of friends, on in Atlanta have it, the transport an the Rossini clock and the result sounds great used together. Unfortunately the Rossini clock does not accept a master clock input and I believe it's a VCXO, not an OCXO implementation (there is little published on it so I may be wrong so don't shoot the messenger if I am...).

Friends with DCS who have the Vivaldi clock have found that using a Cybershaft with it ups its playback quality and either use it plus Cybershaft to reclock Vivaldi or Rossini gear as follows;

Cybershaft drives -> Vivaldi clock drives -> Rossini or Vivaldi gear

All that said that may not be the feedback you were hoping for however those the limited permutations given what the DCS BNC inputs take in and what they do not.

Note: I'm not saying anything anything against DCS, just reporting what is possible.

If you go the Vivaldi clock route (or any other than can work, the best combo of Cybershaft gear is;

Model number: UPOCXO-OP21A-1 External DC dedicated
Model number: LTPW01P External DC power supply

next after that would be the OP20 level and then OP19 at lower price points.

***If you don't already own the DCS Rossini streamer/DAC, you MAY want to have a listen to the N-01XD (new with Esoteric's latest FPGA-based new DACs; they are fantastic and the N-01XD is already amazing the 3 people I know who have bought it. 

You CAN then directly use any Cybershaft with the N-01XD or Esoteric P-02X/D-02X, Grandioso K1X, P1X/D1X, etc...

I've heard the new DAC implementations in the D1X; they are absolutely world-class, even more musical than prior top Eso offerings and given FPGA use and overall design they are future-proof. Believe they also do MQA, and other popular things but I am not a server/streamer customer so what I've seen on MQA, Roon, etc... is from reading their site.

Other options; from what I've heard and read, Aurender's W20/W20SE can take in a 10 Mhz signal.

SOULNOTE's S-3 CD/SACD player and D-2 DAC can also take pure 10Mhz. Reading between the lines of a couple of communications, I think they are also working on other new things for their top offerings but have nothing concrete to state at this time.

Hope this helps...

@zephyr24069  Thanks for the info.  I already own a Rossini. I've been told by some Rossini owners that the Rossini clock isn't a noticeable improvement.  Thanks for the info on Esoteric's new model.  I figure I have another 3 - 4 years with the Rossini and by that time there should be lots of improvements to digital front-ends by several manufacturers.

Brian ...
@cycles2 There definitely will be many new things to obsess over in 3-4 years, probably 1-2 and again 2 years after that, again after that and so on and so forth!

The Rossini clock made an improvement in my Atlanta-based friend's system however his system overall is very high end and resolving in terms of speakers, amps and pre-amp spend. That stated it was not an earth-shattering improvement. If you want a Word clock that is compatible with your Rossini DAC, I'd suggest the Esoteric G-02X; it has reasonable price, better build quality and a full OCXO implementation. This is all opinion mind you.  It also allows for a 10 Mhz input 50-ohm for future upgrading. I think it will deliver a more pronounced improvement.  It's Word clock outputs at 75-ohm and have a wide varieties of WCLK frequencies to utilize to find the best match;

Esoterics G-01X is also an option;

@zephyr24069  I like the idea of the Esoteric G-02x clock if can support dCS and other DACs I may own in the future.  Do you know if it supports auto-switching of 44.1kHz and 48kHz titles by using 2 BNC cables from the DAC to the clock like the Rossini clock does?  Or would I have to manually set the Esoteric to either 44.1 or 48kHz depending on the title I'm playing?