Cork Isolation RIP OFF!!!

Just FYI, the isolation footers being sold on this and other websites are sold as vibration isolation for AC systems for as little as $0.34 each. That's tight 34 cents. just google "cork vibration isolators for ac, and see for yourself.
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Ah, the age old debate, is it coupling or isolation or damping?
There will be no consensus on this, and there will be a phenomenal amount of money wasted collectively on all sorts of isolation gimmicks. 
What is the solution- douglas?
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Just to be clear pretty sure the OP isn't criticizing cork isolation as a gimmick but saying that people are essentially taking a .34 product and presumably marking it up hundreds of times?
Interesting, but not particularly surprising, that the OP's thread about how audiophiles often pay multiple times what something is worth (which, BTW is also a common malady for those with boats, pools, hot cars and hot wives) was immediately twisted into an "isolation vs. coupling" debate.  For clarity, the $0.34 cork/rubber isolation blocks common for ac are not constructed the same as those currently for sale here that are made from birch ply and cork. However, they appear to be the same as the original Isoblock available from Mapleshade at four for $24.  I have no idea how these sound in comparison.   If you want to spend $0.34 you can check out these;
thanks for the tip. Regardless of whether they isolate, couple, or damp, they are a good way to elevate and separate components. I bought a set of 4 years ago off ebay I think, and assume I must have paid >$10+, and was thinking about buying another set, but not at the prices you see here or on ebay.  For $0.34 each it's a no brainer though.  I just ordered a set of 16.
I posted this just before dawn and already 6 answers! The point is just to let people know about this particular rip off, I'm sure there are many more, and I would love to hear from anyone aware of other similarly astronomical overpricing.
Thanks for your kind attention.
array1138 - I assume you mean the square black rubber/cork/rubber "sandwich"-style isolation pads?  Though not news (it's been covered before in the forum here) it's a good reminder.  Thanks. Yup, they are definitely available for lower cost.  I found them at a local plumbing supply store...larger size and way cheaper.  

BUT I do have some questions for you.  How is the big mark up in the price to "audiophiles" a rip off?  Are sellers obligated to sell only at the lowest possible price?  Do they have to sell at the same price across all markets?  Is their profit margin limited by some regulation?? (e.g., like public utilities).  I can relate to your umbrage over a ridiculously high asking price (I feel that way about a number of items in audio) but I don't think that constitutes a "rip off" unless you are coerced into buying at that price.  

As you have done, one of the main benefits of a forum like A'gon is to help "frugal" enthusiasts like me become more savvy about prices - especially where similar performing, lower cost options exist.  So, thanks again.

(I'm a private user, not a seller.  I have no business interests related to audio or otherwise).  

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? If there hadn’t been an audiophile version first there would never had been a super cheap version of it on eBay. ~ Old audiophile expression.

Why did the long hair cross the road? Because someone told him to.

Why did the short hair cross the road? Because someone told him not to.
Take Ghosthouse and Geofkait's responses and you have the combined last words necessary!...:-)

I understand your point ghosthouse, I worded the title thusly in order to attract responses. I especiially desire to have Audiogoners illuminate further examples.not just philosophise.
The concept and its corollaries are obvious, caveat emptor, et al.
However, there must be many examples of like behavoirs in our circle, and we need to stand together as informed consumers

Please forgive my typing. I have boxer's hands and am responding via my phone
I actually don’t think it’s that easy to dupe audiophiles, generally speaking. Give me a device, almost any audiophile device, let’s say the cork footers or, say, Shakti Hallographs or Mpingo discs or expensive solid silver core cables or even tiny little bowl resonators or Silver Rainbow Foil, there’s not an audiophile on this planet worth his salt who hasn’t tried (sometimes successfully) to knock it off. And chances are quite good he can even do it for less than buying the really cheap version of the thing on eBay BUY IT NOW. Does anyone know off the top of his head how many Schumann frequency generators are listed on eBay? And how many of them are legitimate?

Signing off. Hasta la vista.

The first thing I said to myself when I woke up this morning was that there is something wrong  & suspicious with the cork isolators being sold on this website. Thank God some people were able to address this problem before more serious problems occur.
Thank You.