Core Power Technologies Deep Core

Given the release of Core Power Technologie's latest product, the Deep Core, I am starting a new thread with all of the relevant information and pictures I can provide. I was fortunate to receive one of the first four shipped units, and being closer to Colorado than the other gentlemen, lucked into receiving the first production unit. I will post my general impressions from the Equi=Core 1800/Core Power Technologies 1800 thread, and later a review. Please feel free to post your own reviews, impressions, and/or questions about Deep Core in this thread! 🙂
From the CPT website:


The Deep Core is a multi-function power conditioner that re-defines the category. The deep core is designed to not only provide clean, spur free power but it also allows the user to optimize the power delivery interface via a user adjustment. The optimization of the power delivery interface can significantly affect sound quality as the prime power source is a major contributor to attributes such as the noise floor and dynamic range of the system. The Deep Core can be used with almost any system configuration providing optimized power for both source components and power amplifiers. The deep core has the following major attributes;
*     An Input circuit that features a unique DC snubber which stops any DC , constant or transient, imposed upon the power lines from passing through the Deep Core and into the system. DC can saturate the transformers of source components and cause voltage fluctuations.
*     After the DC snubber the deep core has a complex common mode filter designed to suppress any RF signals that may be riding on the power lines. This RF energy can raise the noise floor and affect the total dynamic range of the system. The EMI filter is implemented with high quality magnetics that will not saturate under high current conditions.
*     After the common mode filter a second EMI/RFI filter is implemented that further cleanses the power of unwanted out of band products. This additional filter includes integrated surge suppression to insure that no high voltage transients, such as the voltage from a lightning strike, will pass through the system.
*     The last stage of the Deep Core contains the adjustable power delivery interface. This interface allows the user to optimize the power delivery to his or her system. This unique capability allows the power core performance to be optimized for each individual user case.
The Deep Core should be connected directly to the desired components as it is the “final” word in power conditioning. [This has changed. Despite Deep Core's versatility, the recommended usage is directly to the wall, with your power conditioner/distributor plugged into the Deep Core. -sadono's note] Its unique ability to not only fully cleanse AC power sources of both DC and RF noise but to also optimize the power delivery is unique among competing products."

"I mean exactly what I’ve been saying. Deep Core will amaze everyone. Not only does this product reward with superior safety… it does so without messing with your systems transparency, pace and drive – most “Conditioners” ruin the bass and overall delivery becomes smeared and diffuse. Deep Core does not do this. Further – the Contour Control deals with a problem virtually all have which is DC (Distortion) on our AC Mains. The very best of the AC Products out there can in EVERY CASE make use of Deep Cores main deliverable. The synchronous between the AC Mains and your system are now in a place where every moment can be enjoyed. Was it easy… heck no. Did it take WAY too much time… yes. But we are building units for shipment next week and I can’t wait to hear what you folks think. Bourns came through in a big way for us and we are there."

Draft Copy of the Instruction Manual and Warranty Statement for Deep Core:

"Good Afternoon...

I’ve posted separately our Warranty Statement and the section that deals with Listening and Tuning DEEP CORE

Here is the Draft Copy of the Manual itself - if anyone would like to suggest changes please do so to

The Power Rating Section will be done today and once it’s finalized I will post that as well.

We are excited about our DEEP CORE and with the new HP (High Power) ratings this will make for a game changing product.

Thanks again,

Mark and Lynn


Instruction Manual and Warranty Statement for Deep Core

Start Here

1. Read Instructions— Read all the safety & operating instructions before operating these amplifiers
2. Retain Instructions— Keep this manual for future reference.
3. Warnings— Follow all warnings on the product and in this operating manual.
4. Follow these operating and use instructions.
5. Cleaning— Un-plug this product from the wall outlet before cleaning.
6. Water and Moisture— Do not use this product near water.
7. Accessories— Do not place the Deep Core on an unstable cart or stand. The product may fall, causing bodily injury and/or damage to the product. Please do not place directly on a carpeted floor.
8. Ventilation— Please make sure that there is adequate ventilation around Deep Core to ensure reliable operation and to protect it from overheating.
9. Power Sources— Use Core Power Technologies Deep Core only from the type of AC Mains as indicated on the label or packing carton. If you are not sure of the type of power supply to your home, consult your dealer or local power company. This product is equipped with a three-prong grounding plug. This plug will only fit into a grounding power outlet. If you are unable to insert the plug into the outlet, contact your electrician to replace your obsolete outlet. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the grounding plug.
10. Power Cord Protection— Make sure the power cord is placed so that it is not likely to be walked on or pinched by items placed upon or against them.
11. Lightning— For added protection unplug the unit from the wall outlet during a lightning storm and when it is left unattended and unused for long periods of time.
12. Overloading— Do not overload wall outlets or extension cords. This can result in a safety hazard.
13. Inserting Objects into Unit— Never push objects of any kind into Deep Core as it may void the warranty and create a safety hazard or risk of electric shock or fire.
14. Servicing— Do not attempt to repair or service this product yourself. Opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltage and other hazards. Refer all servicing to an Core Power Technologies qualified repair center or your dealer or distributor. If service is required unplug the Deep Core from the wall outlet and refer servicing to qualified service personnel under the following conditions:
a) If the power-supply cord or plug is damaged.
B) If liquid has been spilled into the product.
c) If the product has been exposed to rain or water.
d) If the product does not operate normally by following the operating instructions.
e) If the product has been dropped or damaged in any way.
f) If the product exhibits a distinct change in performance.
15. Replacement Parts — When replacement parts are required, be sure the service technician has used replacement parts specified by Core Power Technologies, LLC. Unauthorized substitutions may result in fire, electric shock, other hazards and may void the warranty.
16. Heat— The product should be situated away from heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, and other products that produce high levels of heat.

<Insert Complete Product Description Here – Along with Current Average and Max Ratings>

Unpacking and Accessories

Congratulations and thank you for your purchase of this Core Power Technologies DEEP CORE AC Mains Front End.
This product like ALL Core Power Technologies products have been designed to offer high end performance at reasonable costs.
Deep Core allows the user to create a safe and stabile “Front End” to work with our own EQUI=CORE products or with any other high-quality AC Power Conditioner. As well, DEEP CORE may be used Stand Alone. AC Mains Protection as well as DC Snubbing, EMI/RFI protection as well as “the Contour Function” (be sure to read separate section on how to use DEEP CORE for more information about the Contour Function) that’s part of this unique design.


Carefully unpack your Core Power Technologies DEEP CORE.
Please inspect the unit now and contact Core Power Technologies or your distributor (if out of North America) if you see evidence of shipping damage, cosmetic issues or “loose parts”. Save the carton and packing inserts in case you move or in the event you need to ship your DEEP CORE in for repair. Before you proceed, locate the serial number on the rear or underside panel of the unit and note it here in this manual.


Core Power Technologies Product Name and Serial Number: ________________________
Date of Purchase: ________________________
Name of dealer or Distributor: _________________________
Dealer Phone: _________________________

Voltage selection

Your unit will be either 110v or 220v please note this and make sure you are using the proper voltage for your geographic area.

Installation and Ventilation Requirements

Install your Core Power Technologies DEEP CORE in a stabile area and away from heat sources.
Observe the following ventilation guidelines when installing the DEEP CORE in an equipment rack or any other enclosed space.
You should never install the DEEP CORE in an unventilated area without some breathing room around it.
Do not place the unit on carpeting or any other material that could obstruct air flow around the DEEP Core.

Connection Warning

Disconnect the AC cord before making or changing any input or hooking up any speaker wire to DEEP CORE. Please plug DEEP CORE into the wall AC Mains and connect its output (there are two of these outputs) to the units that you want to Clean and Protect.
Make sure there is no strain or tension on any wires that could cause them to pull loose.

Maintaining Your Core Power Technologies DEEP CORE

Your Core Power Technologies DEEP CORE requires no periodic maintenance. It has no user-serviceable parts inside. To avoid the risk of electric shock, do not remove its top cover. The exterior can be cleaned with a soft cloth every so slightly dampened.


No sound

Check that AC is live.
Check that whatever you have DEEP CORE “powering” is in fact, ON!
Make sure other equipment in your system like your amp and preamp are ON!

If you need help

Call Core Power Technologies (720.317.9141 or 305.928.4434) or your overseas dealer or distributor first.

If we determine that your Core Power Technologies DEEP Core needs to be returned to Core Power Tech or an Authorized Core Power Technologies Warranty Center for inspection and possible servicing, we will provide the location of a warranty center near you or shipping instructions and a Return Authorization number for its return for service.
Before You Return Any Unit for Service

Before you send your unit to Core Power Technologies you will need to obtain a specific Return Authorization
(RA) number and shipping instructions from Core Power Technologies. The RA number must be clearly marked on the outer carton. Use the original factory packing materials and arrange adequate insurance to cover its value. You must include a copy of your purchase receipt, since this document establishes the validity of this unit’s warranty.
Warranty repairs are only performed by Core Power Technologies or an Core Power Technologies authorized warranty center when your purchase receipt is from Core Power Technologies or an Core Power Technologies authorized dealer or international reseller.

Units Will Be Refused by Core Power Technologies under the Following Conditions:
1. Unit was sent without the Core Power Technologies assigned RA number marked on the carton.
2. Unit was sent in an unsuitable shipping carton, likely to have been damaged in transit.
3. Unit has inadequate packing, unit likely to have been damaged in transit.
4. Unit was shipped collect for shipping charges. We do not accept collect shipments.
5. Unit was sent to an address other than the address instructed by our Technical Department.

Warranty Repair

Read the Core Power Technologies Limited Warranty carefully to understand the applicable rights
and limitations. This section provides instructions for obtaining repairs, both for units covered
under the Core Power Technologies Limited Warranty and for units or situations which are outside the Warranty.
Unit is not eligible for repair under the terms of the Core Power Technologies warranty if:

1. Unit was not purchased from an Core Power Technologies Dealer or Distributor.
2. You are not the original owner. The warranty is not transferable.
3. Unit’s serial number was removed, modified, or defaced.
4. Unit shows evidence of abuse and/or misuse.
5. Unit was modified in any way by an unauthorized source.
6. A prior repair was attempted by an unauthorized repair station.

Check our website at www.corepowertechnologies for any updates.

We realize that you have many choices in the audio industry with which to chose for your audio needs. We are grateful that you have chosen us, and we will endeavor in every way to live up to that confidence you have shown in us.

Thank You

Mark and Lynn Schifter
Core Power Technologies, LLC

Core Power Technologies, LLC
5023 W 120th Ave - Suite 137
Broomfield, CO 80020

720.317.9141 or 305.928.4434"

Listening and Tuning DEEP CORE:

"Good Afternoon...

Today is our Anniversary so I’m just quietly getting this section of the manual posted.

More than anything else people are asking questions about HOW Deep Core is used - how does it work (more about that soon) and what’s the Adjustment Potentiometer all about.

This is the section of the manual that hopefully helps to answer those questions. We believe DEEP CORE is very special and the answers as to why are partially as noted here.

Listening and Tuning

Most of us have that favored 3 or 4 tracks we always like to play for folks when they hear our systems. We love to play these as we hope that our system is shown in the best possible “musical light” when doing so.

With DEEP CORE we would like you to spend some time in “set up mode” … DEEP CORE allows one to really fine tune their system as well as protect it.

Lets quickly look at an overview of DEEP CORE First

Deep Core Overview
Multi-Stage Deep Cleaning of any Power Source

Innovative DC block Input Stage

Prevents DC from Saturating any upstream Component

Common Mode RF Filter With Custom RF Components

Blocks all Common Mode RF Interference Imposed on Power

Complimentary "Deep Stage" RF Filter on Line and Return

Deep Cleans Any Remaining RFI Before Output

Adjustable Coupling Control

Variable Earth/ Return Coupling to Maximize Signal Integrity Across Load

Most of this is probably easy to understand. We do a great job of DC Snubbing (this is the major pulse that shoots through your Mains when things like your AC Compressor comes on that can easily penetrate your system). As well our dual RF Filtering eradicates RF Interference that can really contaminate your power. We fix those issues nicely. However,.

The Adjustable Coupling Control needs some further explanation. Doug Goldberg designed this in (Doug, by the way… invented the Multi-Wave option for PS Audio). Our Coupling Control works in similar fashion by imposing a “Variable Earth” (between Earth and Neutral) on the Mains and what comes after it. The main points here are that this control contours Power Factor Correction while also locking out Mains interference with DC on the line. Your transformers (even ours) will hum with DC present in most cases. This Contour Control can correct for this (it’s very cool by the way 😊). A constant DC on the line is called DCO (DC Offset) and we deal with that handily here. As well, let’s remember that every designer treats Coupling and Ground differently – this Contour Control allows for correction in most cases. I’ve personally called this a Transformer Synchronous within your system.

There are ways to measure this as well. There are two very nice measurement instruments that are out there that are low-cost and easy to use --- they are:

The Echtech power line noise meter -

The Stzerizer power line noise meter -


The note below was just sent to me by a TRUE Industry Veteran who has a very distinct grasp on power and the problems we have – take a read…
I decided to begin testing the power line noise at each outlet of my home using a power line RFI/EMI noise level meter to monitor the noise level. The line level noise using the meter, at first (24 months ago late at night), showed a late-night noise level reading of 48/52mv, today a late-night reading is between 134 and 140 and at peak time between 2PM and 9PM on Saturday/ Sundays, the readings have jumped from 150 to 290.

SO, Mark – This is nice but how can I test for this…

Let’s talk about a few ideas here. Firstly, listen for transformer hum. Please use the adjustable Contour Control to see if you can literally dial out the hum. I have been shocked as to how well this has worked.
My favorite test though is still “listening”. I have a few tracks that I use that are easily distinguishable as great audio tracks – but these have very clear vocal or instrument(al) segments within the track.
Try these
The Fairfield Four
Standing in the Safety Zone
I like My God Called Me This Morning

Patricia Barber
Café Blue
Ode to Billy Joe is perfect for testing…

I can name 10 more – but I think you get the idea. I have a track I love with just a stand-up bass and it’s perfect too.

My point is this – use material you know and with very distinguished instruments or vocals. Vary the Contour Control and LISTEN. You will be amazed.

This section might be re-written several times before it’s published – would love to hear your ideas as well.

Thanks all,Mark"

Computer model designs:

"Lynn decided she would mark the occasion of the first Deep Cores by shooting a few photos... glad she did..."

"Lynn did a nice job with these photos - thank you dear (yes... she reads these threads)... "

Deep Core right before they go into the chassis:

Deep Core next to an 1800...

Deep Core being tested with an Audio Precision:

Deep Core Measured Data:

What’s this? 🤔

Must’ve shipped over night. 😏

More to come.....
Since img and spoiler tags don’t seem to work on this forum, the next post may be considered spoiler material for the other 3. I will include no descriptive audio terms, so the others can gain their own impression independently. So droleg, lak, and ozzy, don’t read the next post if you don’t want to read my general impressions. I will not say what it does, how it works, or talk about its flexibility, so even if they decide to read it they can form their own opinions.


So what do I think?

I have to say this little box is amazing! Well worth the wait!

Mark has done it, again. He has taken a product category, and flipped it on its head. Not only making it more affordable, but less complex to use, and more tunable for the end user.

Get out your wallets, gents. You're going to want a Deep Core!

Thank you Mark, Lynn, Doug Goldberg, and RF for going through the headaches and struggles to make this product a reality!

"@sadono - my heartfelt thanks for the first short note about Deep Core -

This product represents a bit of forward thinking to this category. Doug did what I asked him to do - in that, create a product that works akin to how we split the DAC chain into two parts (re. Audio Alchemy with a de-jittering front end and THEN the DAC) to OPTIMIZE the performance of your AC Mains.

We believe strongly in Balanced Power and we believe further in all of the parts that make up the Deep Core "Front End"... I won’t bore you with noting all of these parts - but I will add that the Contour Knob will knock your socks off. Very special part.

Sadono - your post came at a perfect moment. I’ve been in a super funk here with a death in our Business Family and all of the circumstances that surrounded this passing. It was a heavy week for us all here.

Humbly for sure - and with thanks again...


PS - did you try my Tuning Suggestion(s) re my older post about the Contour Knob."

"Although absolutely not focusing at all on the new business until re remaining backlog ships, there is an Early Adopter Price -

Please e-mail if interested.

I can say this much here - the Retail is $995 and our Every Day Price will be $799 from March forward.

Many thanks,


Glad to hear! Please give us some details of what it does so well?


Ill try and post more details Tuesday or Wednesday. I want to give the others a chance to hear for themselves, and to allow my unit a little extra break-in time. If you saw the circuit, it has some sizable caps and inductors.


You’re welcome, Mark! I’m glad I was able to provide some relief from the sad parts of life.

I know I read your Tuning Suggestion(s) at some point, but I’m a rebel with instructions. Unless something is so complex I can’t figure it out intuitively, it’s more fun to figure things out, and then read the manual to see if you missed anything. 😁

Your suggestions are pretty much my usual audio auditioning process. I didn’t have any hum, and the Contour Knob still makes a phenomenal difference. It’s why I mentioned the unit is tunable for the end user. A lot of owners are going to have fun adjusting it to their mood or preference for their music/movies/TV.

Thanks, again!
Sounds cool. Waiting for the others to get it. I would like to hear the DC with a Furutech NCF. I am a huge fan of that receptacle, as it has made such a HUGE difference for the better in my system.

If and when I receive my DC I plan on switching out the hubbel for a Furutech NCF. I say if and when because I haven't heard from Mark in many months about the DC and doesn't respond to my posts here on Audiogon. At least some are getting a chance to hear the DC
@sadono, great idea!
Lets keep it all in one place and thread:-)

Thanks Sadono for placing this all in one area. Very cool... THANK YOU.


Considering this and other mods - they rubber footers we include are nice - but my buddy Robert in FLA insists on Machina Dynamica (did I spell that correctly)..."Springs"... 

Lots of nice changes coming to help everyone...

Many many thanks


I sincerely apologize if I have not replied directly. I really do. I try very hard to keep up with everything but clearly I have done a not-so-wonderful job here. 

I also have real trouble remembering who is who with screen names and IRL names. Old and not as serviceable as I might want. :)

I am here for you - and p[lease, if you have direct need of me - please e-mail or call (or best is text)...

New Phone Number 303.594.7586

Thanks so much,

Sent you a text Mark. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't forgotten when Deep Cores start shipping. :)

Is it safe to assume that changing the receptacle on the Deep Core is as easy as it is on the E=C 1800?
Oh no... we gotcha. 

If you have a moment - please give me a call today to catch up... 

Truly appreciative


I have Lynn checking that now. I woke to 184 new messages today (not kidding :)) 

Thanks again

@sadono - 

My favorite quote now...

++ I’m a rebel with instructions ++

I never wrote an Instruction Manual for the E=C line. I HATE writing manuals. Peter Madnick did all of this for us at Audio Alchemy and Sean Parque did a tremendous job for at AV with manuals. I'm flat out bad at this... :)

I have had severaL CUSTI'S have hum issues (now 6 guys) - this is all due to DC on the line. The Contour Knob ROCKS. 

I had a major Video/TV Reviewer here a few days ago. I have 5 Flat Panel TV's in this house 42" or larger. When I demo'd my Deep Core on two of these sets he was stunned to silence. This is one thing I am sure of - the power supplies in these large flat sets SUCK (better words can be used here - but SUCK is maybe the least offensive)... 

SHOCKED was he - ordered two units from us... Told him 2 weeks - he was not happy with me. 

That said - I think this product will usher in a new age for viewing. 

Many thanks sir...

I was going to ask if the Deep Core improves picture quality like the 1800/1200 does. I ordered a second 1800 after seeing what it does for my tv.

It does... and more. 

The Contour knob made an enormous improvement to my OLED (LG) and my big 65" Sammy... 


I can hardly wait for mine...
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wow powerful marketting!
good job!

Have you tried the contour knob on Lynn yet? :o
When will you have a stockpile of units to sell ? I do not plan on getting on a waiting list like others here and having to wait months for product . I am interested in power cords and deep core . Thanks

Trust me - I've considered it. My wife marches to her own beat. Just when I think I'm "in the lead" she rolls in and squishes me. :)

I enjoy beating her in Sequence. She is NOT a good loser. She claims it's because she was an only child.

That said - she is pretty dang cool - I remember looking at her while she was building a Genesis 200 with the boys in Eagle CO and thinking... man oh man - I married up. Same for Emerald Physics - up until Q-4/2018 she built EVERY SINGLE SPEAKER for underwearwally :) I'm guessing not many women can compare when it comes to power tools and a knowledge of how to solder. She is (as the saying goes)... A Keeper. She's really nice to look at too... (oops - did I say that ;)) 


Thanks (I guess)... if you want to see REALLY GREAT MARKETING hang out a bit at PS Audio. Paulie knows how to market - I'm 1/10th his mojo. :)

Best to all...



Units from stock - 2 weeks sir. 

Many thanks

I'm sorry I thought I was referring to a very particular case particularly here. Do you have any PS audio*gon discussion link to view?
I think you're much better.


I appreciate that sir. 

I really don't - my name came up in the PS Audio (Paul's Posts) as the guy that suggested the invention of his P 300. 

Paul left Genesis soon thereafter to work on this...

Best wishes,


You're welcome! 

Future mods get a 👍 from me. Machina Dynamica is spelled correctly. I haven't tried either of the following, but if Robert likes those springs, and is willing to pay more, he might want to check out Townshend Audio. They use a combination of springs and air.

I'm glad you like the quote! We'll have to have shirts made. 😁 Peter and Butters did great jobs with those manuals. I can't blame you for not wanting to write them.

The flat panel power supplies are horrendous. One TV manufacturer improved their banding problem by improving their power supply. I just laughed and thought what banding problem (because I didn't have the issue)?

"@sadono - what can I say except thanks... sincerely appreciated you help here. I do have a review from one of my Rabbis and Priests of DC but as he will not go on forums at all I hesitate to post it. He is not the kindest personality - so some of his thoughts can (and do) sting me a bit... but this is all part of life for me. The biggest ouch was his comment about not doing Deep Core FIRST - he sorta made it hurt.

As more Deep Cores are being prepped now for shipment. Please note that we do NOT include Super Stroke with this product. You can add SS for $79 dollars (we think this is a bargain)...

As well - you will see three of our Isolation Pucks. Enjoy them

Thanks all,

Could we have a bit more flesh on the bones about what the DC does for sound quality please.

Can you confirm how the unit is grounded. 

@toetapaudio - I am willing to post my Reference Testers comments about Deep Core. 

That said - he is very hard on me personally and he would never allow for an "edit" of his views (on me or the product)... 

This gentleman has more than 35 years experience with high end audio equipment but he positively hates Forums etc. 

So - if this interests you - I can post it 


Mark, that would be very interesting. Many thanks.
Good news!
UPS just delivered the Deep Core and when I shake it the Deep Core DOESN'T sound like a baby rattle :-) (The beta unit I received May 1st was damaged by UPS).
I have the Deep Core connected to my Audiodharma Cable Cooker until I can insert it into my system sometime tomorrow.

Im glad to hear that! Of course I messaged you before I checked the thread. 😁 I hope the other two have similar good news!
Due to the long break-in, I've heard about (50 hours?) I'm keeping the Deep Core on the Audiodharma cable cooker until Friday (2/16).

Thanks for giving the heads-up . Look forward to your initial impression of the Deep Core. Always look forward to your opinions/reviews on all things audio related.
Good Evening...

I will post AD's "review" of the Deep Core - so many of you have asked so I just want to verify one more time that this is OK with him - then I will post. 

I warn you going in - he rips on me personally pretty good. His review is SOLID - very astute listener with a killer high res system. 

Thanks all,


It has become quite clear that you seem to only post comments on Core Power Technology threads. Do you only have interest in Mark's products? Kinda curious.

Sorry but your comments on his products are meaningless to me. Sorry


You’re entitled to your opinion. The majority of my systems were finished when I discovered this forum. The Deep Core is the only CPT product I own.

Most of my current audio discoveries have been my own tweaks or mods. Other recent products I’ve tried have not been my cup of tea. With the state of the audio industry, and everyone having their own ears and preferences, I see no reason to critique them.

I own, have owned, or worked with products from other manufacturers such as Apogee, Audience, B&W, Bottlehead, C I Audio, Crystal Cable, Dynaudio, EAR, EMM Labs, High Fidelity, Magico, Marantz, MBL, McCormack, Meyer Sound, ModWright, Otari, Pacific Microsonics, Placette, Parasound, Shunyata Research, SMc, Stealth, Studer, and Synergistic Research, among the top of my head.

I do love power conditioners and power cables, as they form the starting point of any system. I am silently following the Oyaide and Cerious Tech threads. I may try one of the Matrix power cords. I have one of the Black Mamba Σ V2 power cords on the way, but it’s currently in Japan. The next major purchase will likely be a new DAC.

Eventually droleg, lak, and ozzy will post their reviews, and you can glean whatever impression you want. Sorry but not sorry if you don’t care about my preliminary review when posted. 🙂
On a very positive note - I'm so very pleased to report that we've made Publisher's Choice - and Most Wanted Component from Stereo Times here just recently -

Thank you GV...

Link here...

Quoted from their site -

Core Power Technologies EQUI=CORE1800 ($1799.00 reviewed here): My enthusiasm for Core Power Technology’s EQUI=CORE 300 prompted me to recommend it previously as a Most Wanted Component and that enthusiasm now extends to their EQUI=CORE 1800. The 1800 betters the 300 by providing greater balanced power to handle more devices with its built-in 8 receptacle inputs. –I currently have all my main rig plugged into it… and that includes a pair of PS Audio Stellar M700 350 watt mono blocks currently under review. The 1800 handles it all without strain, overload or compression and I’ve experienced no constriction in dynamics. The EQUI=CORE 1800 comes highly recommended. (Greg Voth)

Thank you GV...

Link here...

Let's see. Member since July 2016 with 2 responses and 47 posts, all of which are regarding CPT products. Like aniwolfe I'm "kinda curious" as well.
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I thought it was great Mark. Is A**en's last name Soprano by chance? :)
Love his straight to the point candor.
@yobi - @aniwolfe 

I appreciate your viewpoint and perspective. I might have said the same about others but I kept my thoughts to myself. 

About sadono

This fellow is a gentleman and he is not above kicking my behind pretty good. You will see posts here from him reminding me about not shipping before it's too soon and keeping my mouth shut. I've got e-mail from him going even further. 

I know Dusty from CIAudio knows sadono and I also know of other companies that have asked for him re beta testing. 

Like I said - I appreciate your comments but I KNOW this guy and he is a straight forward as can be.



He is a dear Jewish Buddy of mine that is not afraid to have his "voice" heard. Very successful businessman in LA. 

He loves to give me a very hard time (and does so often)... but he is a very astute listener. 

This was a risk on my part but maybe he might he even post now that he will know that I posted it.

When I asked for his permission - he quickly replied --- I don't give a f**k. 



I have to say that was one of the most enjoyable reviews I've ever read! A**en is a hoot. 

I was up in the air about giving the 1800/Deepcore combo a try but if it provides just half of what A**en describes how the f**k can i not? Very intriguing indeed. 
@mac48025 -

Hi Mac...

I think the post got pulled because it was profane, I'm apologizing to those offended. 

I will scan the post again and see if I missed anything...

Thanks mac48025 

Here for you when ready...