Coping in an Age of Uncertainty

there have been numerous threads here, i know, about sacd v. dvd-a, upsampling, oversampling, etc. a number of these threads have included discussions of which, if any, new digital format will replace what we now call “redbook” cd’s. i don’t wish to rehash these discussions. rather, i’d like to hear from others how they are coping with the “age of uncertainty” in the realm of digital audio. is it better to “roll the dice” and invest in sacd or dvd a? ignore the contenders for the new and get the best possible out of redbook cd’s? buy with upgradeability firmly in mind? follow another path? i don’t post this query out of mere curiosity. i really haven’t figured out what course i should follow. i’d appreciate your giving me a hand. -kelly
I have read very few of these but just how much money do you have tied up in CD's and LP's. Do you want to replace them all with a new format or are you going to keep them. My choice is DAC and Transport for CD's (My DAC has a DSD converter in it just no way to provide a signal to it. Is one manufacture going to let the dust settle and then mod the DAC) Vinyl By audiophile standards well but it is a significant improvement over my old one. I am 38 I hope I live for another 30 years. For me the choice is simple. Wait for the dust to settle. I will always have my CD's and Albums.

Remember to take the system as a whole.
If you can't live without your CD collection, buy the best CD player you can. I'm just about to purchase the Musical Fidelity A308 CD player with upsampling. Works for me regarding warmth and transparency. Then buy a dedicated SACD player down the road. I don't like the idea of hybrid players; isn't the quality split?
Redbook has the most selections of music nothing comes close and any other format has slim picking in comparison. & there is reasonable priced gear that can extract the very best sound that will please & satisfy.
I have struggled to resist the impulse to buy an SACD player "just because" and am glad I didn't. Instead I upgraded my redbook player and never looked back. Why? because CD's are not going anywhere for a long, long time and whenever I hear something new on my favorite public jazz station, I pop on over to Barnes and Noble or Amazon and buy the cd. I think I would have a very difficult time trying to find the same title in SACD or DVD-audio.
Don't forget that you can buy a hybrid that plays both until SACD replaces the CD completely. The Marantz SA-14 version 1 or 2 gives very good 16-bit playback and the SACD section is astonishing. Clearly better. If you are worried about the availablity of titles, check out and you'll see there are 2000+ to choose from, three new pressing factories opening and an average of 3 titles a day being released this year. The jump is worth it. Surround is a blast as well.