CD matches Vinyl; Cayin Phono One vs PS Audio GCPH

it is not my intention to rustle any feathers on this hotly debated topic; just have a simple question:

i have acheived (in my system) what i thought was not possible previously, namely cd playback matches, and in some cases, exceeds my vinyl playback.

(i have numerous recordings in both formats & of course, many in one and not the other)

i recently acquired an h-80a hybrid integrated and a cdt-17a tube cd player.

i have been extremely impressed w/ not only cayin build quality, but even more so, with the sound/music quality.

wondering if going to the cayin tube phone stage will be an upgrade from ps audio.

i am quite content w/ my very quiet (low noise floor) of the ps audio, as well as with the dynamics; just wondering if a tube phono stage will bring my vinyl rig back up to where it used to be; that is, superior to my digital.