Cardas Golden Reference Power Cable Reterminate?


I would like some feedback regarding my Cardas Golden Reference Power Cable.
Im using it on an Ayre cx-7emp Player. She is one of the older 15 amp, certified burgundy versions with the burgundy Oyaide (stlye) plastic plugs. The plugs do not have Oyaide logos anywhere on them. I am comparing them to the Oyaide replacement plugs available from The Cable Company.

I am considering having the cable reterminated at Cardas with their new connections to get new copper plated rhodium over silver blades and clips.

Anyone with experience with newer versions with different terminations or experience with the new terminations?
Does anyone believe I will benefit from the change? 


I was using Cardas GR with the Furutech ends for amps and Cardas Cross for sources also with said ends. IMO the silver over rhodium sounds fast with a bit of airiness. Depending on your preference and system tone this could be good or bad.  For me it was a touch the wrong way and I went back to unplated brass connectors. 
Thanks for the reply. And that is why I'm posting this question. The CGRPC has been my favorite on the Ayre and I certainly don't want to lose ground. 

Nutty, I have both older and later versions of the CGRPC's and have not noticed and performance differences, only the new plugs are a tighter more secure fit. Cardas charges $60 per end to change, I wouldn't have anyone but them do it if I were you. If anything for resale value sake. But they will have to shorten the cable to do so, you may want to call or e-mail Cardas to see how much length you lose, should you decide to do it.
Thanks for the information and your perspective. I spoke to Cardas, they did specify that the cable would be shortened by a few inches, and confirmed the $60 per end. My contacts are tight and Im using a Cardas wall outlet in conjunction. I certainly don't want to effect resale or performance. 

I did confirm the original ends are Oyaide. Unless I receive more posts/feedback, I think I'm going to keep it OEM. 
I own Cardas clear power cables! My opinion! Cardas power cables arnt worth the money! They have funky filters that will affect sonic capabilities! Pangea power cables will do the same job for a whole s...t load less money! Wireworld makes some very nice power cables also!
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Thanks for you perspective. I’m seeking all the guidance I can get. I have not heard the Clear line in my system. What have you used them on? What plugs types are you using? I am considering if changing over to the newer style will offer any improvement over the older Oyaide.

I am also using the CGRPC on my Classe’ Preamp. I recently read one of your posts from 6-26-2017 "...Classe equipment demands Cardas! Why buy a Ferrari and put 87 gas in it!.."

I understand that Pangea utilizes Cardas copper in their power cables. What is it about the Pangea that you like, and what models are you using?

In addition, I like Wireworld products. They were the first aftermarket speaker cable I ever purchased. Wireworld Atlantis II. I’ve auditioned the Eclipse 7 balanced interconnects on my OppoBDP105D. However I prefered Wywires. But I do like the Ultraviolet 7 HDMI. (Separate system) I have not heard the power cables.


I'm a cable guy with tons spent much of which was wasted. I'm not sure on power cords after all these years and I have expensive ones. If you are happy with your cord I'd leave it alone. I really don't know if changing the connectors is money well spent but of course it's not mine. FWIW
Thanks, and I’m going to keep the cable OEM.

Nutty - Your observation as to the Cardas GR is directly the opposite to my experience.   I have an all Ayre system with Vandersteen speakers, and there was nothing worse on my system than was Cardas - especially the GR.  Ayre's own cable is Cardas drived which made me buy the Ayre cable (sent it back) then the whole line of Cardas (all sent back).....just plain muddy and wrong in my system.
..just read further......  Wireworld in my system was the direct opposite of Cardas......I guess that's what makes the world spin.