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A little different type of problem, but still in the audio field (kinda).
Problem: I have a 1971 Chevelle convertible that I am looking to upgrade the audio system in. Curretly, I have a pos in the trunk (with the stock radio in dash)  and I have an optical cable running from dash to head unit to control. I use it because it takes USB drives and plays flac files. I buried two speakers (6x9) inside the rear seat coils and replaced stock dash speaker with stereo speaker. With top down, car exhaust is on the loud side so I need a better rig/speakers/amp to hear it over the exhaust. Not expecting music nirvana, just want to hear tunes while I am cruising along. I am sure someone else likes vintage muscle cars and hi-end what direction do you think I should be heading in? 

 Would like to keep budget for entire set-up to around 1k
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You need to find a good auto sound guy. Not the ones at Best Buy, but someone who works on really high priced cars. It won't be cheap, but you will get a sound system you will enjoy. What you are paying for is expertise.
Luckily, the Chevelle isn't as complicated as newer models, so you should be able to get something at a reasonable price.
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