Brilliant Pebbles, a new tweak, cheaper than high end cables.

"Brilliant Pebbles is a unique and comprehensive system for tuning the room and audio system based on special physical properties of highly symmetrical crystal structures.  Brilliant Pebbles addresses specific resonance control and RFI/EMI absorption problems associated with audio electronics  No snake oil here.
Perhaps better noise reduction if the pebbles are placed in the ears?
There it is! The OP troll pipes up! With an original comment, too. 🙄 Must be his first rodeo. 🤠

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01-10-2019 8:41pm
Things turn out worse, for people who make the worst of the way things turn out.

Ah, the old philosopher. 😴
" day I came home and I found him sitting in the living room....".

One of the best comedy bits ever.
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