Bowers and Wilkins D2/D3 with Class D Amps?

Anyone running newer series Bowers and Wilkins 800s with Class D amps?  I am wondering how they pair together.  I have the Rowland Continuum integrated amplifier, considering 800 D3s.  Having owned matrix series and 804D2s (all with AB amplifiers at the time), my main take away has been the speakers really need power to come alive.  The newer Class D amplifiers almost all have lots of power, but rarely do you see them being used together with these speakers.  If I remember correctly there have been some comments in the past about Class D amps perhaps having some trouble with impedance loads below 4 Ohms and some of the 800 models dip below that, not sure on either count, however.  Thanks. 
I should have clarified, I am curious about all of the floorstanding models in the 800 series, not just the 800s themselves.
Those that have dual inputs, you can do some very cool things with DSP and the bass modules. :)