Bookshelf/Stand-Mount 3-Way Monitors: Need Help

Today I spent another extended session at my local high-end shop listening to some ATC SCM11's, my third session at the shop. I also spent last weekend listening to them at my home through my own system. I really love their uncolored sound and how "fast" they play, and, of course, all the other qualities (e.g., imaging) that small speakers bring. I wish, though, that they were able to play an octave lower.

I've been searching for smallish high-quality monitors to replace my 35-year-old Bang & Olufsen 3702's, which are small (HxWxD = 20x10x10 inches), three-way (with an 8-inch woofer), acoustic suspension monitors. These are uncolored and "fast." In addition, they seem to play flat down to 45 Hz or so without relying on room reinforcement. I really love the sound of these speakers. I can't seem to find a modern equivalent. I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
Rx7audio, I'm not sure of what your budget is but look into the Omega Line up. The Omega Super 6 Alnico with a Deep Hemp Sub will get into the mid 20hz range. I owned a pair of these and was amazed at what they can do.I currently have the Super 8 XRS Alnico and Deephemps and am thrilled! Search "Omega loudspeakers" and give Louis a call, explain your needs and he will set you up right. Oh yeah with 30 day return policy.
A TOTALLY nutty suggestion::

Can you 'just' rebuild 'em? New crossovers can be made as duplicates of the originals with easily obtained parts at many levels of cost. Even odd-value inductors can be fabricated.

B&O may be able to help with drivers or some measurements, like TS data.
Thanks for your suggestions, Seditious3, Gotog, Rodge827, and Magfan. I'm actually trying to avoid ported speakers (though I very much liked reading about the Lenehans and its back-to-fundamentals approach to speaker design) and sub-woofers. I have a demo pair of ATC SCM-19's reserved for the weekend. These aren't 3-ways, but last night I absolutely loved their sound (un-sound?) and speed when mated with my system. They appear to have the little extra reach I was looking for in the lower register, that their little brothers, the SCM-11's, were missing. I'll be spending a lot of quality time with them these next two days!
I came upon a discussion about a "small" ATC 3-way monitor speaker that was recently (October 2009?) introduced. The SCM-25A Pro is an active, ported speaker for professional applications. It seems to have the same drivers as the floor-standing SCM-40. I wonder if ATC will introduce a version of this new speaker (maybe passive, non-ported) for hi-fi consumers. If so, it might be just what I'm looking for. Anyone heard, seen, know anything about, these new speakers?

Read here, for example: