Best Price To Performance Power Cords for Systems that range 60K-80K

This is a journey through real life experiences from you to everyone that cares to educate themselves. I must admit that I was not a believer in power cords and how they affect sound in your system. I from the camp that believed that the speaker provided 75% of the sound signature then your source then components but never the power cord. Until that magic day I along with another highly acclaimed AudioGoner who I will keep anatomist ran through a few cables in quite a few different systems and was "WOWED" at what I heard.

"That being said I thought to create this thread"

The purpose of this discussion to get some honest feed back on Price to Performance from you the end user to us here in the community. I will also be asking manufactures to chime in to your system specific needs if and when they can so play nicely and be respectful!!!

Audiophiles Fell Free To Fire At Will!


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Greetings to all,

I have spoken to various manufactures that would also like to participate as longs a we can be respectful and learn from one another, "Yes" even manufactures need to keep the ear to the ground to better understand the challenges in the respective market place.

 I believe it will be interesting what we can learn from each other, them from us and us from them. Please feel free to share your system and what you like about it as well what a change in power cord can do for you!

Just a Novel Thought.

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