Best preamp for a Threshold T400/ VA Beethoven

Hello all,
I'm looking into leaving Home Theater and getting back into 2 channel audio. I'm keeping my Vienna Acoustic Beethovens and the Threshold T400 amp that's driving them, for the time being. I'm looking for a stereo preamp with balanced ins/outs, a tape loop, a HT throughpass, and remote, all for less than $2.5K on the used market. A phono stage would be an extra plus, as I have an old collection and turntable that I may move up to the big rig. I'm considering the Threshold T2, a Classe CP-60, among others. I'm interested in tube preamps, but I'm not that familiar with them. What other preamps should I check out?

I'd go with the T2. It was the pinnacle of preamp design for Threshold, and should have great synergy with your T400. FYI, one is for sale right now here at the 'gon. Happy listening.
Go with the Threshold T2, you won't be sorry.
Creeper and Scot, thanks for your recommendations, but I have chosen the Classe CP-60. I do have a Classe CDP1 also, but I mainly ordered the CP-60 because of the phono section. As I stated earlier, I am leaving HT, I have many old albums (400 or so) and I liked what I heard of the Classe phono section. I'm going to look for a nice used turntable to ease me back into analog. Thanks again for your responses. The T2 is an excellent preamp, I may get one someday yet, but for now I'm going with the Classe CP-60. Wish me luck.

Luck wished. The CP-60 is something special as well. That's a slick rig you've assembled. Peace.
I recently bought a used Threshold FET 2 Preamp from a friend and I'm very happy. The build quality on this 15 year old piece is outstanding and it really lets the music come through. I auditioned his S/150 amp as well and wasn't as impressed and wound up with a used Sonographe SA250 which I thought was both more detailed and more musical.

Good luck.